Roman Snezhko – where is the deception? "Ademician’s" disclosure.

Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter – swindler and fraud ? Truth about the ETALON program

Roman Snezhko Сheater, swindler or deceiver

Roman Snezhko, whose nickname is “Academician”, widely disseminates the information that he can help you to definitely eliminate stuttering and that three days is enough to eliminate it completely and totally. And also there is a lifetime guarantee. This statement is a lie. According to his commercials in 3 days a stutterer is able to learn to control his speech when he speaks with Roman. But certainly, not everyone manages to do it. Academician’s services (he promises to get rid of stuttering in 3 days) cost a lot – 150000 rubles . Thus, he just profits from innocent naive people who have speech defects and just want to tackle this problem. To this exorbitant price people just gain common speech psychotherapy knowledge, and these training sessions last only 3 hours – there is no any magic. Such approach to stuttering elimination can give good results, but also these results can evaporate very rapidly. So it is important to remember that every person, who has some speech defects, needs an individual approach, which is specifically tailored to him, because everyone can have his own form of stuttering. And of course, three days is not enough to consolidate the experiences on speaking without stutters and stupor. Usually it takes at least a month. But this con man claims that he can pass on to people with various kinds of stuttering a certain “Etalon of Academician Snezhko”. But in fact, it’s just a catchy name, there is not very much substance behind it: these are common psycho- and speech therapeutic techniques. So how reliable, can such a short-term method of stuttering treatment be, if the “Academician” charges for his services much more than they really cost. This indicates an absolute lack of conscience! But naive and trustful people with this speech defect believe him. 100% results? In such a short time? Due to the way which Snezhko uses, such results cannot be achieved! Roman was trained as a usual medical assistant. He just purchased the certificate which confirms his title of academician (by the way, it cost only 8000 rubles). See below how and where he acquired this certificate. He engages in activity that convinces people that he knows how to completely get rid of stuttering in just 3 days. But actually, he just provides 3-day consultations which can help in working on stuttering elimination in teenage, children and adults. But these consultations cannot provide a person to fully get rid of his or her speech defects in such a short time (but certainly, there will be some positive effect). Because of Roman, stutterers, who want to get rid of this problem, fall for: 100% elimination of stuttering in just three days. Authoritative title of Academician (which, in fact, is purchased). Personal experience: Roman was a stutterer too and he has overcome stuttering. Lifetime guarantee: after his training, a person will never stutter again. Don`t believe it: most of these statements do not have a sufficient basis!

How to recognize a con man

Attention! Now I will share with you a way to identify a con man who promises to get rid you of stuttering in 3 days, but, in fact, he just gives recommendations for further overcoming this problem on your own. In order to achieve good results in stuttering elimination, you need much more time and efforts.

When you contact the prospective specialist by phone or in person, you need to ask him some questions which can help to find out if he is a con man. First, you should ask the specialist whether he can conclude a formal contract with you. You need to know if this contract would indicate that during working on overcoming stuttering the speech defects will be completely eliminated, that the result will be a long-term and applicable to any life situations. Also it is important if this contract would indicate the price you pay for the treatment? If this specialist prevaricates, answering these questions, talks about some “charitable donation”, says that it is impossible to guarantee the results, to get rid of all kinds of stuttering (because “this is your speech and you are responsible for it, and if you do not follow his instructions, there will be no result”), you can be sure: this person is a con man. Yes, needless to say, no one can guarantee everyone the full stuttering elimination. This is particularly true for adults, the problem has been manifesting itself daily and now it is in their mind on a subconscious level. But in the videos of Roman Snezhko he emphasizes “that if you come see him, the problem will be totally and completely solved.” So if he called things by their true names and spoke the truth, he would not be able to sell his services for that kind of money. And this is the secret of his “Etalon”.

But if you fell for the trick of a con man (claiming that he knows how to completely eliminate the problem of stuttering in a short time), you can ask A.N. Degilevich (phone number +7(926) 465-56-90) for help. Of course, we are unlikely to get back your 150000 rubles (an unreasonable price for this training), because people give Snezhko (or any other con man who acts the same) this money as a “charitable donation”, which can`t be claimed back by a legal technique). But we will try to do everything we can to reduce the damage caused by fraudulent actions. And certainly, we will let other potential victims, who have speech defects and stuttering, know what can happen if they are too gullible and naive.

How Snezhko acquired the title of academician

It took Roman a day to do this. He just filled out a form and got a membership in MADEMN (by the way, everyone can do the same for only 8000 rubles, and you will have to make annual contributions of 1000 rubles, you have to admit, it is not a high price to pay to have the fake title of academician). So, the title, acquired such a way, is not worth a hang. But gullible stutterers think that this title of academician has some significance. So they want to ask this specialist to conduct a survey of their stuttering and they are ready to pay big money for this course.

Is the Academician`s training course such an effective?

In one of the programs on well-known Russian NTV Channel, journalists carried out an independent evaluation of available on the market methods of identifying the causes of stuttering and their treatment. Roman Snezhko was one of the invited experts. He was telling about his “100% effective method”. But the results of his training, which were presented in the program, were not so impressive, as Snezhko claimed. Stuttering elimination in adults from “Academician” hasn`t fully helped Ilona Malyshkina. She could see the result of these training sessions only during first two days. Then, in the interview, she said that the sessions with Snezhko had not yielded any good long-term results in eliminating speech defects. She said: “I could see the result only during first ttwwo ddayyys.”

After all this, “Academician” recorded a video (, in which he turned the whole thing inside out, distorted and concocted the facts. In this video he put the blame for his own failure on Ilona`s learning disability and on the absence of her desire to get rid of speech defects and stuttering. And we can see the opposite – more than five years Ilona has been writing a blog where we can see her unfortunately so far failed attempts to get rid of stuttering. Hardly anyone will able to reproach the girl for the absence of a desire to be cured). Also Snezhko pointed out that Ilona had cut the training sessions, had been always late and doing everything to cause a diversion. As a result (according to the words of “Academician”) – the classes lasted only 7 hours, and this is allegedly not enough to get good results in stuttering elimination in adults.

I also attended a training course of Snezhko to get rid of stuttering. During it he spent with me, at best, three hours. In the remaining time I was left on my own, and “Academician” preferred to do his own businesses (for example, he was watching TV). Of course, I do not blame him. His method of stuttering elimination in adults, indeed, doesn’t contain a lot of information (despite the fact that the information is very useful and effective): if training lasts three hours – it`s all right, but if it lasts more time – it`s not enough. Nevertheless, when I came to Roman on the third day, I was a little surprised to hear that I could do my homework and that working directly with the “Academician” on my speech and stuttering was not going to happen. I stayed, hoping to get some more information for that good (and unreasonable) money which I paid him, but this never happened. For the most part, I heard the same information that I had already got in the previous two days.

Everything I described above is a proof that Snezhko was unable to do what he actively advertises even for seven hours of working with Ilona (in the face of the media and the whole country). Ilona’s results after seven hours of working with Snezhko can`t be even compared with a more or less obvious positive dynamics in stuttering elimination. The main conclusion: the training course of the “Academician” on stuttering elimination for 3 days cannot provide a 100% result (and in some cases, even 50% result), despite the fact that he gives some good recommendations which can really help people with this problem to significantly improve their speech.

Critical thinking

In the advertisement of Snezhko, he points out that his services are “the only right way for 100% getting rid of stuttering with a lifetime guarantee”. His “wards” and I would express the opposite view. In turn, I follow those who also attended Snezhko`s course: their stories just confirm that the effectiveness of “Academician” technique is not a long-term. In most cases, Snezhko’s former students with the problem of stuttering contact me by themselves. The reviews of these people say that information received on how to operate their speech organs is very useful. But they also indicate that speech defects don`t immediately disappear (but it was the main goal!) They just can`t “use the speech organs in the right way” all the time, as for example, they do it in the video with Roman Snezhko. And this is quite normal, because people are all different. Even if you work really hard in order to succeed, you still can make mistakes. In this case, this is speech mistakes, namely, stuttering. So the fact that a person will stutter after 3 days of training with Snezhko, is an absolutely normal phenomenon (and by the way, most of the reviews from people, who fell for the advertising tricks of this con man, confirm it). The main thing you need is to have the right attitude to your future mistakes, to draw adequate conclusions and try to reduce the overall share of stuttering in your life. It is a goal that can be brought to realization, and, for reasonable reasons, it can`t be reached in a few days.

Again, Roman Snezhko markets a common consultation on stuttering elimination as a very effective program for 100% getting rid of stuttering. It is confirmed by the episode of the program on NTV Channel. Like most people (at least, I believe in it), I am against paying unreasonable money for services which are not worth so much. In the course Snezhko the placebo effect often plays a role. Roman convinces his clients that they will be able to speak freely without having any problems after 3 days of his training sessions; he repeats this information several times. He convinces people that they won’t face any problems after this 3 day training, that stuttering in adults can be eliminated as easy as children’s stuttering. So after the communication with such an “expert” a man can feel that he or she is able not to stutter ever. But one stressful situation is enough to stop feeling this. And all speech defects will appear again. The reason of it is that stuttering elimination requires much more time.

I hope this video will warn people who can get caught by con men.

In this video you will find a review of the method of Roman Shezhko. He is a man who is hiding behind a title of “Academician” (by the way anyone is able to get this title if a man becomes a paid-up member of MADEMN: (it costs 8000 rubles)) Ana who is marketing his 3 day training for unreasonable money – 150000 rubles. Actually this course is just consultations on elimination of different forms of stuttering.

Here you will find a warning to those people who fell on Snezhko’s advertising video about full elimination of stuttering in 3 days. The training session (or just a consultation) with Shezhko (a man who calls himself “a man of sixth race”, “awakened” and so on) is discussed in this video.

Unfortunately, Snezhko’s method is not effective and moreover, he doesn`t respect people. He calls all the experts who are undertaking a study of speech therapy (apparently, his workmates), con men. And he calls his “students” who have not noticed any significant long-term results after his training, retarded. He appeals to the fact that there is only their fault in their failures and of course, he doesn’t feel any sense of guilt. Certainly, you won`t be able to return the unreasonable amount of money (150000 rubles) for the services for elimination of speech defects, provided by this “Academician”. Some of this money allegedly goes to charity – to scientific works or development of science (for example, annually 1000 rubles are assessed here – how do you like this amount from 150000 rubles?).

Snezhko also claims that only he or his “licensed specialists” can help a stutterer to get rid of his speech problems in three days with a lifetime guarantee. Yes, the technique of stuttering elimination in adults works perfectly …but only if you are speaking with the specialist. A person who believes that he once and for all got rid of problems with speech and stuttering, need only go out and face any stressful situation to understand that the problem can come back to its starting point. It cannot happen in the first such situation, but it`s still possible in the 10th or 100th situation). Yes, perhaps it will manifest itself to a lesser extent than it was before. But a lifetime guarantee is out of the question. The method is effective: stuttering becomes not such a big problem for you. But are you ready to give such money for a common speech psychotherapeutic consultation? I think no.

Of course, it is possible and even necessary to hope and believe in the most successful outcome of events – full stuttering elimination. Positive ideas have a good influence. They are able to influence on your motivation, on the extent of efforts and the final result. The method of Snezko works to eliminate stuttering, the results directly depend on the efforts you have made and on your compliance with the recommendations. But three days is not enough to eliminate the whole problem of stuttering. It is dubious (and very expensive, as we have already found out) idea, because this process takes at least a month.

Why the method of Snezhko works, but not as it was promised in advertising

Snezhko is able to professionally work on retraining stutterers and to help them to make their speech normal. He gives valuable and right advices, which can help to work towards elimination of speech defects. There are many evidences of it. Some of his students say that Snezhko`s method of stuttering elimination is much more effective than methods of other specialists. During the course he gives useful advices and competent recommendations (identical over and over). And they, in turn, are able to help to solve the problem with stuttering. What to do when you feel that you begin to stutter again? How to deal with the fear you feel in these cases? How to get rid of unnecessary stress when you trying to pronounce a word (this very stress leads to stuttering)? Here are some questions Snezhko answers in his training sessions. But all these rules and recommendations are elementary and identical (I found it out by talking with other students of the “Academician”). There is nothing magic about them. You are given basic knowledge, and then you should work yourself. Is it worth the money which the “specialist” asks for his consultation? Everybody’s got their own opinion about that.

What is the main lie of Roman Snezhko? He claims that people who have attended his course will be able to get rid of stuttering ONCE AND FOR ALL in just three days (also with a lifetime guarantee). Once upon a time, I fell for such a tempting promise and it was a mistake. But in this case, the story is about local elimination of stuttering (in individual words, sentences or situations). But, unfortunately, this overcoming of stuttering can exist not always, because it is very difficult to constantly control your speech consciously. Eventually, you need to learn not to think about this problem in order to make your speech normal and stop stuttering. And only in this case this problem will stop concerning you.

Like most people, who had training with Roman Shezhko in person (or remotely – using the program RASPU (of course, efficiency of such way of working on stuttering elimination is lower)), I guess that you can see the result after training of “Academician”, sometimes these results are even tangible. But the cost of the training is unreasonably high. The reason of it is that achieving 100% stuttering elimination with a lifetime guarantee is just a piece of marketing, which makes a good profit for Snezhko. He is not a devil, but he is definitely not an angel, which he fancies himself in his advertising videos about his program of stuttering elimination.

I write it because I want people to know the truth, not to fall for these tricks of con men and not to blindly trust nice promises (even if they want it very much). I can say that now my speech is perfect in most cases. I has achieved a high level in fight against my speech defects and stuttering. Even during extensive statements I’m able to expose my thoughts without speech stupor. I have really seen the result Snezhko’s training sessions. Whereas previously I have had great problems and I just hadn’t understood the reasons of my stuttering, now I’m able to speak freely in most cases. Yes I didn’t 100% get rid of my defect once and for all (as it was promised in advertising video of “Academician”). But now in most cases I speak smoothly, clearly and calmly. Also I conduct training sessions on stuttering elimination in children and in adults. By the way, sometimes the results of my students are even better than mine. Vladimir Rogachev, Stepan Yablonskiy and others are good examples of it. But the thing is, it’s not always easy to follow that set of rules, which is declared by Snezhko. And it’s not always easy to control your speech organs while speaking freely and easily.

I think it would be honest to tell people who try to eliminate stuttering that the result 100% depends on themselves. It depends on their desire and efforts. But Snezhko chooses another way, he offers people such a tale of full stuttering elimination for 3 days. Speech is a skill (Roman agrees with it), and one cannot expect that a man will learn it without his or her efforts, spending long hours in trying to make speech better and consuming by work. So if a person was suffering from neurosis-like stuttering and he came to a meeting with the “Academician”, but after this training he could not make enough effort to get rid of his speech defects, he wouldn`t get rid of his neurotic-like stuttering. When you come to Snezhko, you get only knowledge, but you won`t get the desired results if you won`t work on your own after these meetings.

Therefore, dear reader, you can send a link to this page to Roman Snezhko and tell him that you know the whole truth about the efficiency of his method. Feel free to set your price (tell him that you are not going to overpay for such an event). To my mind, it should cost no more than 30000 rubles for 3 days (it is the limit.). After checking with the available information, assessing the efficiency of the course “Etalon” on stuttering elimination and with the reviews of students, you`ll see that paying for his training isn’t rational. And maybe you should be the one to appeal to the conscience of the “Academician” , and maybe he will stop tricking gullible stutterers.

The difference between my approach and Snezhko’s one

Despite the fact that sometimes I still make some mistakes when I speak, I know the direction you need to work in to eliminate stuttering. Previously my stuttering was really terrible, but I was able to achieve really good results (following the recommendations of Snezhko and others). Whereas previously, when I was standing at the chalkboard at school, I have looked like a laughing stock, now I can calmly speak in front of large number of people. It doesn`t matter if I know them or not.

I tried to overcome stuttering using ever-more imaginative ways. At the institute, I`ve learned to replace “difficult” words. The result of it was an incredible scarcity of speech. In most cases, I just preferred to remain silent (even when I was asked a question). I decided to conduct my own training sessions on stuttering elimination in adults and in children only a year after taking the course of Snezhko. It happened when I’ve made sure that I achieved tangible results due to hard independent work. Even then, I thought: “If my first student is able to improve his speech, I will continue to help stutterers.” His results have exceeded my most optimistic expectations: a month later he spoke no worse than I did. And it does not represent a unique case. But an adequate, reasonable teacher won`t promise his students a guaranteed 100% result. Why? Because both teacher and student should work: if one of them doesn`t make efforts, there will not be any result.


In the Internet there is a video with one of the students of Snezhko, Anton. It shows that he allegedly stopped stuttering after training with the “Academician”. This video is a profanation. Anton is still stuttering and I made sure of it. But Snezhko refused to remove the video about Anton`s miracle (but untrue) cure, despite Anton`s personal request. Also this video has negative publicity of my services.

There is my name in the section “Con men” on the site of Snezhko. I went to the police on this matter in September 2016. I filed a police report about slander. Then I should have gone to the Prosecutor’s office and there provided the physical address of the defendant (according to the legislation of the Russian Federation the court should be on the place of residence of the defendant). Of course, the “Academician” has refused to give me his address and decide the issue legally.

Education of English speaking users

With the assistance of interpreter Anna Dieter Roman Snezhko conducts training sessions on stuttering elimination with English speaking people. This course costs 6000$. The reviews are all negative (see here: People wait for the full stuttering elimination and after paying such big money they are not ready to the fact that they won’t 100% get rid of stuttering, that they will still stutter in one form or another (despite the existence of qualitative changes).

Snezhko and Dieter can’t be held legally accountable, because they take this money in the form of “charitable donation” (of course payment of taxes is out of the question). There are not any checks or proof of payments. There are no legal assurances. I don’t want to say that their sessions are totally ineffective, but this method is not able to help you to 100% get rid of stuttering in 3 days with a lifetime guarantee. Of course you will reduce your stuttering. You will be able to get better and more long-term results if the training sessions last more (you need 3 weeks to consolidate the experiences unconsciously).

There is more evidence that Snezhko is a con man. You can find it here: Thousands of people on this forum are aware of a foul play of “Academician” and they are not afraid to talk about it. Hundreds of people have been deceived by this con man. So how many other people can fall for his tricks? Forewarned is forearmed.

If you want to overcome stuttering, don’t expect miracles or magic. You will have to work hard, you will have to make your speech organs work right on a subconscious level. To achieve this I’ve spent a lot of time (neither 3 days, nor 3 weeks and even not 3 months). Actually somebody wasn’t able to get more or less positive dynamics of enhancing speech at all. Meeting with the author of the methodology “Etalon” is not a panacea. If you want to throw some money around, right this way: But first, read the real results of people who have attended Snezhko’s course and then think one more time…


Roman Snezhko’s methodology is perhaps one of the best on the market. Indeed, due to it you can get very tangible results in eliminating stuttering. Using this methodology, you can develop the skill of speaking and avoid stupor and stuttering. At the same time, you are able to speak easily and comfortably at such speed of speech which is convenient for you. Truth is, not always and not everyone is able to do this. Using this program doesn`t suit everyone. The same situation is at school. None of tutors can 100% guarantee that after the third class with him you will be an excellent student with other teachers. But during this time he can show you some effective techniques which may have a positive effect on your future development. And how much you will follow all these useful recommendations depends more on you. The same situation is in all other places in life. The proverb “Money doesn’t grow on trees” shows students very well on whom achieving certain results in stuttering elimination depends on.

And you should not believe that only Roman Snezhko and his “certificated” students can help you to achieve tangible results in eliminating stuttering. This is not true. I had a private meeting with Roman in 2012 and I know his methodology very well. After that I`ve talked to many people who also had such meeting with the “Academician”. And as it turned out, he gave almost all students the same information. He talked about the same rules, explained the same situations, showed how to speak properly and what we should pay prior attention on to avoid stuttering. For more than a decade, he has been repeating the same things with each of his students. I know every detail of his technique. “Etalon” is just a set of rules and recommendations. And, of course, not only the author of this methodology can conduct training sessions based on it. I am like a teacher who gained experience and knowledge of another teacher and at first learned a new speech skill on my own experience, and then began to help other people to understand this problem. The more I conducted training sessions with people who have speech defects, the more I made sure that my training sessions are as effective as Snezhko’s ones. The difference is only in the cost of services and training time. My training sessions last more than 3 days. This is necessary to better consolidate the techniques which help in stuttering elimination.

If you decide to eliminate the stuttering, please know, that turning to Roman Snezhko, the results may be different. His technique is certainly good, but you need to know the truth, which is that within 3 days you are only given a fishing rod, with which you will then have to fish on your own. Only one remained with their fears with regards to previous negative experience. Of course, Roman could reassure, saying that you’re fine and all if you wish all you get. But of course, such instructions in themselves will not remove fears, but will serve only as a favorable background for the beginning of the formation of new habits, a new speech skill in stressful situations. By the way, I have not met anyone who had taken Snezhko’s class and was 100% cured /eliminated/overcome/ got rid of stuttering. The positive dynamics in this case was with everyone. Some in bigger, some to a lesser extent. Everyone did what they could. And on video with Snezhko and his pupils we only see “demonstrative” results, directly, when the student is accustomed to the teacher and when he/she does not make any mistakes. But when a student of such a teacher, after 3 days, comes out “into the public”, we cannot watch the video because it was not recorded. In some cases, there has not been any positive result, thus, the problem remains

But I’m not saying this to show that 3-day training lessons with Snezhko cannot give significantly tangible and stable results. They can, but, as practice shows, most stuttering isn’t cured with such express courses. In general, in a good way, the skill is fixed on the system 21-40-90.

To maximize the effectiveness of the classes-you need more time to work on yourself. During this period, it is required that neural connections are formed in the brain. Scientists have established experimentally that this requires 21 days. During this time, the process of habit formation ends. Habit is fixed in by consciousness. But there’s one big “BUT”. New connections have formed, but the old ones have not gone away yet. At any moment we are at a fork in the road: to go on the road, the old, familiar or newly laid?

21 days – the first milestone on the new path.

To sustainably adopt a new habit, it takes about the same amount of time to weaken the ties that are no longer used. This happens in approximately 40 days.

40 days is the second milestone.

For 40 days, the old habit begins to “overgrow with grass”, because you no longer go that way. You already get along with a new habit, but it still does not work “automatically”, it takes some effort to follow it. This is the period of habit consolidation.

And finally, the third milestone is 90 days.

If you overcome it, the new habit will steadily enter your life. You no longer need to strain to follow it. The action becomes automatic.

This rule 21-40-90 is stable in all spheres of life.

Whether it’s health (most health recovery schemes are designed for a minimum of 21 days), relationships, finances – everywhere will be these three stages.

Be ready. After all, if you know what awaits you on the way, then it will be much easier to reach the top (i.e. a new habit)!