Is it possible to cure stuttering once and completely?

stuttering treatment

Stuttering is not a disease, so there is no need in stuttering treatment

Stuttering treatment – how good is this popular idea? You can easily get rid of stuttering if you don’t take it as a disease or even as a huge problem when only a doctor can help you. To begin with, stuttering is not a disease, and therefore all attempts to treat this speech stupor will be unsuccessful. Even if you know exactly what causes stuttering – taking it as an illness leads to nowhere and to nothing. We all know that we perfectly, freely and easily talk with ourselves. And only in the presence of someone we can stutter, make speech pauses or repeat some words and sounds. This reality once and again confirms that we all are equally healthy. In addition, stutterers and normally speaking people have exactly the same speech instruments. Everyone has lips, teeth, tongue and other facial muscles. Both load information the same way and always know what they want to say. The conclusion is that all the stutterers, being at any stage of their lives and in any situation, have the opportunity to speak like all normal people do. In theory. So what comes in practice then? A man is talking to you freely and easily, but there comes the another word he has to tell and he starts to hover, begins to strain, tries to push aloud some sounds. It always seems that there were no signs of trouble: good weather, normal mood, close people around, projects successfully implemented recently, etc. But stuttering happens. None of the spoken above will save you from stuttering in case if this problem arises only in relation to speech, and in most cases doesn’t depend on situations. And, after the so-called “difficult words”, our hero again can speak absolutely normal for a while. Paradox? No, it’s a straightforward pattern and the topic of a separate conversation. And how can you try to treat ”temporary making sounds in an abnormal way“ ? No way. Moreover, why do I say ”making sounds temporarily in an abnormal way,” and not “making words temporarily in an abnormal way” in the same sentence? This statement is not accidental and it has all the necessary evidence.

Speech therapy for adults: learn less, practice more and get rid of stuttering completely

Let’s take a look at how it happens. For example, a stutterer wants to say the word “hello”, and he can do it as “hhhhello.” It’s really hard sometimes to put some effort at the beginning of a word or at the certain sounds. What do we observe? The word itself is uttered absolutely normally and only extra sounds are added to it (in this case it is the sound of “H”). This can be associated with many factors. The full analysis of ones is also the topic of a separate conversation. The conclusion for now is that in general, all stutterers add to normal movements some abnormal movements. In this case, the second situation repeats more often than the first one. Now the main thing. Is it possible to treat these incorrect / irrational movements (actions)? My answer is NO. They can be eliminated. It can be a very effective process to get rid of stuttering completely. You just need to understand how to make your speech as a normal process always and everywhere, and, by following certain instructions, fix it at the level of habit. And now, regarding the terms of this efficient fixation, you can understand how not to stutter even for a few days. But the work to consolidate the new speech skill, keeping these certain terms, will take you much longer. There must be a specifics in everything and our method is not an exception.

There must be the guarantees to overcome stuttering completely – get and use the right techniques

Is it possible for any person to give a 100% guarantee to get rid of stuttering once and for all? No, only scammers do that. Even if a person works on himself daily for 3 months – it’s impossible to eliminate, cure, defeat, delete (choose whatever you like most) stuttering completely. Loud promises of the scammers, who seem to know everything about what causes stuttering can’t be taken as a working scheme too. Of course, you can achieve very significant improvements in your speech if you get to this right way and you practice under the supervision of a specialist. But, we should not forget that earlier stuttering that was literally living with us for many years, manifesting itself in thousands of situations, taking a lot of energy and thought processes – it can’t be easily receded. You can teach a person to stop at the stages of hesitations every time, not to look at the possible fear, not to turn these hesitations into the verbal stupor. All these techniques, pieces of control or even tips, figuratively speaking, give him a fishing rod. He is taught how to catch a fish, initially showing a master class on the correct use of the fishing rod. He has got the necessary gear: the use of knowledge about the weather, the nature of fish and the other things. Further results, as in all other spheres of activity, will largely depend on the person himself and the actions he takes. And this is the first thing that must be realized, taking the path to overcome stuttering. To treat stuttering, both for adults and for children, is a very bad idea. But you’re able to overcome it at home at a personal meeting or on Skype. No medical specialized centers are required to cure stuttering because it’s not a disease. A huge role in this process will be played by the great desire of the stutterer to get rid of this problem, that only seems to be hard to solve.