Individual stuttering course

  1. We work with the problem comprehensively (psychology, speech therapy, psychosomatics, neurophysiology)

  2. We eliminate stuttering thoughts

  3. Form new neural connections

  4. Make speech spontaneous, fluent and automatic

Alexander Degilevich

16 years of experience with speech blockages and word substitutions

10Years without

8Years of

Successful experience of overcoming stuttering with 200 students

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First aid in case of stuttering

You get all the information materials and hours of practical learning together for the concrete result. The emphasis of our sessions is given to a practice of the student himself with other people. The student doesn’t pass to the next lesson until he completely learns the previous one. A lot of time is provided to analyse the ways and knowledge to make your speech much better and automatic during the first month of our training sessions.

Переосмысление заикания

Overcome stuttering | Is it possible to stop stuttering once and for all in 3 days ?!

You can take lessons in person or online via Skype

Working on stuttering elimination


Getting rid of fears and panic attacks

At the first lesson I analyze the history of your stuttering with different people getting in different situations and find errors in the student’s speech and reactions. We examine the exercises and immediately use these new knowledge in practice. We learn to speak freely in different situations, but many years of stuttering experience slow us down. In this case, I find the cause of these actions and adjust the course for each student.


Fixing your comfortable speech at the level of habit

It is good to demonstrate a really positive dynamic when communicate one-on-one. But this is only the beginning. Our main goal is to create the maximum potential of convenient and free speech: no matter who you speak with and no matter what the situation is. We create it for the entire life. Any stutterer does not stutter when alone with himself! So his speech apparatus is fine and he can communicate the same way with other. Our task is to make this habit as the practical one.


Visible result at the first lesson

Fear is the result of unpredictability: you do not know the causes of each stupor and clamping, and therefore you are not sure that you will speak without stuttering. My course is not about struggle with fear and stuttering, but about your free and confident speech. Phone calls to strangers, talk to the sellers or the dialogue with anybody – you do that. We analyze, find the solution and make your speech free .


Finding your comfortable speech speed

Many centers that work with stuttering people and learn this problem teach you to stretch the vowels, help yourself with your hands and maintain a calm, but not natural state. You’re embarrassed to use this speech in public. Mostly the result of classes is temporary and incomplete. We do not stretch the sounds and speak with syllables only, but we immediately train our speech at a convenient speed like ordinary people do.

Results of the training program effectiveness

We are working to eliminate a strong degree of stuttering | Alexander Degilevich's сomprehensive program

Results of overcoming stuttering after 10 days | Psycho-logotherapeutic course Breakthrough

We are systematically helping to remove stuttering from speech

My parting words

  • We do not look for the next “crutches”, but we work on fixing your absolutely normal and comfortable speech. All instructions from our lessons are effective if they are followed.

  • You have to study all the information while taking the course and do your work correctly at all the stages: with a mentor as well as while the process of live communication with different people.

  • In this case you will get the stable results of your normal, free and comfortable speech.

Alexander Degilevich
Начни говорить без заикания
I want to overcome stuttering!


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You can contact me through the video for free (SKYPE), diagnose the problem and clarify all the details of interest regarding the possibilities of the curriculum to overcome stuttering

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