Guarantees for 100% success in overcoming your stuttering and fear of speaking

The question of guarantees is very important in all spheres. However,I cannot guarantee with a popular statement of ” 100% stuttering elimination in 3 days”. The reason is very simple. Nobody can do that. Moreover, nobody can give a guarantee of “100% stuttering elimination in 2 months” to everyone. To be more precise, in words you can hear this delusion, but in fact nobody in the world can give you such guarantees. Everyone works to reduce the problem of stuttering, speech center or speech specialists. There is no professional education in this sphere. People are guided by the experience and personal opinion on this topic. They use their own methods, programs and solutions. Some prefer to combine effective techniques from different methods (like I do). And in each case, the results of a single student depends a lot on himself. It happens everywhere and in different training processes as well. In the topic of overcoming personal (!) fears, that is not an exception.


Mostly a person starts to stutter at the age of 5. Let’s consider that at 25 years he decides to improve his speech and goes to get some help to overcome this negative habit. He has 20 years behind him, during which he constantly:

  was pushing the words, in order to get through unnecessary stops in a speech

  was facing logophobia ( a fear before speaking), obvious discomfort due to his speech “impediment”, resentment at himself and disappointment in his own abilities

  was substituting “difficult” words, not finishing his thought/phrase etc.


And all this has happened not a few times, but thousands, tens of thousands of times. Here we are talking about a tightly formed habit that has developed over many years. And that cannot be completely solved in a few days. However, in a few days, you can figure out how to avoid stuttering in the future. What exactly should I do for this? How much practice is needed to correct speech? In a few weeks, you can successfully consolidate the skill of a new speech behavior. First on a conscious level and then on an unconscious level. In a few months, you can steadily form new neural connections that will allow you to speak absolutely freely and at your own speed in most situations. I say “in most situations” because that is the exact wording that corresponds to reality. Of course, during this time, students (wherever they are engaged) may have difficulties in speech, in the form of all the same fears, speech stupors, etc.

Our task is to reduce all these manifestations to a minimum. And, of course, no one can guarantee in absentia a complete elimination of stuttering. Again, guarantees can be given, but they can only be words. An example is Roman Snezhko and his Etalon method (“getting rid of stuttering in 3 days with a lifetime guarantee”:)). It has its pros and cons, which I pointed out in a separate article.

What guarantees can there be in the education sphere?

For example, the effectiveness of the curriculum. There are many positive reviews posted on my YouTube channel after the end of the course. It is the effectiveness of the curriculum that has allowed many people to get good positive dynamics in overcoming stuttering. Under my careful guidance, stuttering people begin to deal with their problem effectively. Whoever does not stray from the chosen path and patiently reaches the end, will inevitably be awaited by success! And there are a lot of such examples. There are short and long video reviews. People share their feelings and successes in improving their speech. And of course, every achievement largely depends on the efforts and patience of the student himself.

Criteria for pure fraud on the Internet and in the field of giving lessons on overcoming stuttering

Have you seen a lot of specific scammers in the topic of stuttering? That is, those who simply disappear immediately after receiving the money. And does not provide any services. Those who don’t waste time, energy and nerves on individual hours-long work to correct another person’s speech errors. To be honest, I have never met such people. All operating centers and private specialists actually provide services aimed at overcoming this problem. However, the results of the students always differ, regardless of the place and format of service delivery.

There are different formats. Group and individual. There are also online courses and you cannot take individual lessons with a mentor there or it is minimized. I believe that for most stutterers group classes and online courses are obviously less effective than individual lessons and debriefing. I’m usually talking about this in more detail at a free consultation. Cause it is better to warn a person first about possible nuances, so he makes a choice in favor of one or another format of training.

Choosing a course and mentor to overcome the problem

People choosing a specialist for themselves, as a rule, first of all look through his content. On my channel, for example, in addition to reviews and results before and after, there are several dozen videos on the topic of stuttering. Where I openly express my position and attitude about various points on this theme. By the way, there is a lot of useful information among this content. Sometimes people thank me for the fact that even with the help of my information in the public domain, their speech has become much better. Of course, I’m glad because of that. In addition, I regularly write various articles on the topic of stuttering. And more about the features of my educational (and not treatment) program can be found on the Concept page. All this is done so that people have the opportunity to learn as much as possible about my approach to overcoming this problem. Also, to understand better the connection between stuttering and psychosomatics, I recommend reading my article “What is the problem of stuttering?”

I have been working with people online ( Skype/Zoom) and in person for 7 years now.  The ability of having classes with me individually at least shows that I’m not hiding from anyone.🙂 I am doing useful and good deeds, and  I’m responsible for my approach in the topic of overcoming stuttering. By the way, it is sometimes a difficult and quite energy-consuming business. But this is dust that passes when you see good results from your students. In order to help a person to get rid of stuttering gradually, I am ready to give all the best and if difficulties arise, I think a lot about adjusting the strategy, presenting the material, considering the problem from different angles, etc.

We always consider various ways of solving different tasks. I myself can guarantee that my classes are held only using proven technologies, which previously have made it possible to effectively overcome stuttering both for me personally and for many of my students. At the same time, there is a successful experience of working with both a strong degree of stuttering and a weak one. And I am really proud that in most cases my curriculum is the last one after which there is no need to continue looking for any other courses. But I am often contacted after working with other centers and specialists. By the way, my comprehensive approach and borrowing effective practices from other techniques are described in detail in the article “What methods are good to stop stuttering?”

Conditions for getting rid of stuttering as much as possible

It is true that stuttering is recognized worldwide as an incurable disease. Allegedly, in the brain of a stutterer the regional cerebral blood flow is narrowed,this leads to a stupor … (I have already made a video on this topic – a refutation,but for now it is only in Russian language). Yes, all centers and specialists do their best to reduce the severity of this problem. Everyone has their own experience, approach, concept, strategy, ideology, etc. In general, stuttering and logoneurosis cause great harm to our body, and all these numerous speech stupors, clamps and word replacements have haunted us for many years since childhood. And you need to understand adequately that these stupid habits are already deep in the subconscious and you cannot easily eliminate them. It takes time, work, patience, flexibility and determination. If you don’t have those mentioned above then I can give a 100% guarantee that you will have no results when practicing with someone else. This is an objective truth.


As a teacher and mentor, I have to be demanding on my students based on the severity of the problem. Like a personal trainer in the gym, for example. Here you don’t need just the work of a psychologist or psychotherapist, where you will be consulted in a calm tone on the subject of recommendations and techniques to overcome the problem, after which you will simply be released to the four winds. No, it doesn’t work that way. At least in most cases. Do not underestimate the complexity and depth of the pitfalls in the mind of the stutterer, which have been formed in his mind a long time ago and are firmly entrenched at the subconscious level. All this is based on experience, emotions, sensations etc. I understand it perfectly, since I myself went through all this almost daily. And I know what my students go through from the beginning to the end of the course. Here you need to work a lot with sensations, since normal speech is built primarily not on technology, but on normal sensations (this is already the topic of the course), which you need to come to gradually and steadily. So, the conditions for getting rid of stuttering as much as possible is to be executive in full measure of the word. No matter how difficult it would be during the course. If my student can guarantee 100% diligence in the process of our classes, then only in this case I can guarantee 100% results. Actually, a similar situation can be observed in the topic of any other educational or training process.