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Free consultation

Бесплатная консультация. Заикание


Before starting the classes, you will get a preliminary consultation, where you can:

– define the depth of the problem

– find out why your previous actions did not provide a proper and stable result in improving your speech

– understand the questions you need to work with to get rid of stuttering

– clarify the goals you have to set and their influence on the process of improving your speech

– based on the current situation and the severity of the problem, you will find out the obstacles you need to overcome on the way to freedom

– and many other benefits …

You have been stuttering for 5-10-15-20 years?

It’s time to take a couple of hours to find out what has started this process and what has strengthened it … not to continue aggravating your problem in the future.

The consultation time lasts from 30 to 90 minutes

I want it!

В 80 % случаев уже 1 месяца личного ведения достаточно чтобы убрать заикание на 60 - 90 % !

Personal guidance to the result

9 individual lessons + instructional videos for 30 hours

within 8 weeks + support for any issues for 1 year

Already in the first month we go through most of the solutions from the PRORYV program, aimed at effectively getting rid of stuttering. On the course we are guaranteed to learn to speak without speech stupors when communicating with someone. We do everything to get to the same speech as me for 2 months of work, even if initially have a strong degree of stuttering and logophobia (I had a strong degree for 20 years). We work only for the result of maximum freedom from stuttering. To neutralize the "filter" that stands between thought and reproduction. If you want it, you say it. And that's it. Without unnecessary thought. Communication on solutions, practice results, support - available daily. Solutions have already helped more than 200 participants - they will help you too.

1000 $

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5 days (2 hours each)

in 1,5 weeks

This intensive mini-course can help to improve speech by more than 50%.
It is enough for some people to complete only this course in order to continue speaking well on their own.

500 $

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To achieve sustainable results of free speech, be prepared to spend
from 30 to 100 hours on independent practice

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Так же мы подключили в наш курс работу сильного психолога, прошедшего обучение и хорошо разбирающегося в нюансах работы с речью при заикании

The course is held remotely, on zoom. In the classes we learn everything we need to overcome stuttering and fix it at the level of habit. On average, classes are held 2 times a week. Lasts about 1 hour. In addition to the face-to-face sessions, you have access to the training material (video, audio, notes and notes from both me and my students). 

Regularity of individual sessions

During the 2 months of the full course we do 9 sessions. The first 2 weeks we personally study 2 times a week, then 1 time a week. And thanks to the large amount of theoretical and practical videos, you can get valuable knowledge almost daily.

Receive orientation information 3 days prior to the start of the 1st session

3 days before the 1st class, I send you the information for preliminary reading, so that you can start practicing in the class more consciously and faster. There are about 30 pages of text and 20 videos totaling 15 hours. We will study it slowly, thoughtfully and make short notes on the material on a sheet of paper or on a PC in word. We will use them to work on your individual stuttering chart.

Children under 14 years old: 50$ / 1 hour (on average 10 - 15 sessions over 3 months)



My course won't work:

  • – Those who expect instant results and are not ready to devote sufficient time to practice. The process of restructuring will require time and practical actions
  • – those who came solely on the initiative of relatives, parents, etc. For adults, children up to the age of 14 are supervised by adults who are actively involved in the learning process.
  • – Those with mechanical injuries to the respiratory system, brain or head
  • – for those with impaired speech after a heart attack.
  • – People with acute psychosis (sociopathy, severe depression, psychopathy, schizophrenia)
  • – to whom I personally tell it at the diagnostic, for one reason or another.


Payment for the course can be made in parts

Two months course can be paid in parts. First part (50%) before the beginning of the sessions, second part (50%) after the 7th session. Thus, first you can be convinced of the high efficiency of the curriculum. Since in just 2-3 weeks it is already possible to achieve very good dynamics in freeing your speech from stuttering. And if the degree of stuttering is conventionally small, then this time is enough for a crucial Breakthrough and further independent and stable (!) process of getting used to speech without clamps and speech stupors. I did not make the only one course for everyone, since in this situation people with a middle stuttering would not have the opportunity to overcome their difficulties 2 times cheaper (also it’s worth noting that in most cases it takes much less time and effort to correct a mild degree aboth for the student and the teacher)

Advantages of the course

Преодоление заикания

Within this course, we will not learn to speak in slow pace with our hands for months ... these are crutches used by amateurs

Speech should be natural, in lots of ways with every sense of the word

The training program gives you an opportunity to achieve and steadily fix free speech

Преодоление заикания

The course presents only effective solutions that have been successfully tested both on personal experience (the author himself previously stuttered heavily) and on more than 100 students

To solve any difficulty in speech, clear and understandable instructions are given here

Diligently completing the tasks from the course, you will be doomed to success

Преодоление заикания

After the course (Advanced+), free lifetime support is provided in case of any questions

Учебная программа «ПРОРЫВ» включает в себя множество теоретического и практического материала для последовательного и поэтапного избавления от заикания.При наполнении программы детально учитывался мировой опыт по преодолению этой проблемы.

Упор идёт не на скрытие проблемы за различными костылями, а на переход заикающегося на абсолютно нормальную и автоматизированную речь.

Наша с учениками задача, — просто заговорить как все нормальные люди. Без всяких там усложнений в виде постоянного контроля за речевым аппаратом или дыханием. Нормальная речь не имеет ничего общего с чрезмерным контролем над мышцами речевого аппарата и диафрагмы. Во всём должна быть золотая середина, обеспечивающая в первую очередь удобство для самого исполнителя. Наша система точечно рассматривает все проблемные области и их решения. В работе используется комплексный подход и интервальная система обучения.

Психо-физические тренировки выстроены таким образом, чтобы человек с любой степенью заикания смог получить для себя полезный опыт, почувствовать управляемость речи и гарантированно приблизиться к желаемой цели. В моей практике встречались и случаи, когда всего несколько занятий оказывалось достаточно для последующей полной нормализации психо-речевого состояния взрослого человека. В любом случае мы всегда стараемся, используя весь имеющийся опыт, как можно быстрее убрать лишнюю заботу, связанную с речью. 

Express course

This course is especially relevant for people with a predominantly small degree of stuttering. Even at the stage of free diagnosis and consultation, I see the depth of the problem and the approximate amount of work to correct speech. There are times when people on Skype practically do not stutter with me, while in life they can often experience strong speech stupor.And the time required to study their problem areas is basically less than the time needed for a similar rehabilitation of people with a strong degree of stuttering.

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When diagnosing, we take into account multiple factors, experience, decisions made, feedback and concerns regarding dynamics. Indeed, I had students who, after 2-3 days, were able to progress very well in and then they could independently improve their speech to the desired level. Such people are not met often, but for them I always have an Express course, the most budgetary, and they do not need to overpay for classes in the Basic and Advanced courses. Sometimes you can work relatively well with a person (4 days), during this time he will figure out all mistakes, make the necessary amount of practice under the supervision of a specialist, and then person will just start talking normally.

Александр Дегилевич

Basic course

Once I myself took a similar (3-day) express course. But the amount of useful information, effective practical recommendations and in-depth qualitative analysis was much less. I had some difficulties in using all the acquired knowledge in practice. But, despite this, I correctly understood and continued this direction. I have achieved the results that you now can see and hear in my way and freedom to speak.

In fact, a three-day consultation is enough to start understanding how to speak without stuttering. But this problem is not for quickly resolving. After the theory, no matter how good it is, an effective practice is always required. Correctly assessing and analyzing the results of this practical work is a task with no less importance than working on the initial changing in attitude to this problem.

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First, we do a lot of work to understand the theoretical part of the mechanism for creating speech stupors and the appearance of fear of speech. No practice will bring any results without this work. At the same time, we start the process of practical development of your skills and knowledge.

Throughout the whole course, we analyze your “acceptance” and all the difficult moments for you. After 3 – 5 days we conduct the 4th lesson. A Pause AFTER 3rd day IS DONE SPECIALLY. This pause is not for relaxation, but for the practical development of the materials studied. During this time, you can try to communicate with different people in different situations, feel the success and try to completely and independently analyze the errors for any immediate correction.

If something doesn’t work out, we take it all apart in the 4th lesson! I do not leave people with a bare theory and some kind of minimally practiced practice! I work primarily on the result of maximizing the potential of comfortable and free speech. Theory is only 20% of success, practice (correct, with normal live feedback) is 80%. But the practice, which is done in the wrong way, is either 0% success in getting rid of stuttering or it even worsens your speech.

There is an example when a stuttering person has simply found excerpts of the methodology on the Internet and now he is trying to study it independently. I myself tried to do this for many years, read a lot and even more “practiced”. Sometimes it was a little better and after that it was even worse than it had been before. Whoever says anything about this topic, but there are a lot of nuances. It may seem to you that you do everything right, but it doesn’t work out. But it means only the thing that not everything is being done as it should.

And the answer here may lie not only in physics (incorrect functioning of the speech apparatus), but in your way of thinking before telling any “complex” words. All this must be examined in details as much as possible. The training with other people must be given and again there must be done a full analysis of the student’s speech activity. This is the only way to achieve the most good and stable results in normalizing speech.

Difficulties always exist, especially at the initial stage. Treat them correctly, because step by step, day after day, you can calmly overcome them and enjoy your new victories more and more. And if something does not work because of any reason – do not devalue your previous positive experience. This is a whole process that we study in detail while having our teamwork.

An important point: stuttering is being fixed in your mind and habits for many years. It becomes doubtful to think that this problem can be eliminated in a few consultations. Eliminating stuttering once and for all in a short period of time is impossible neither for any person nor for a professional.

Be prepared for mistakes, difficulties, hard work to get the result. Constant analysis and development of all working solutions within the program will lead you to the point when you simply begin to speak stably and normally. To that point where you don’t need to control all these steps to speak normally. You just wanted to convey the information – You just did it. Without any unnecessary thoughts. This is the main task of our course.

The basic course is useful for people with any degree of stuttering. It brings maximum benefits for those who are ready to continue to learn independently, practice techniques and strengthen their skills. Recommendations, theory, practice are all at your free using. I can’t call the way to overcome stuttering as a simple one, but the results are worth it – you already know this.

Psycho-Physical “Breakthrough” SPEECH GYMNASTICS

Advanced course

This course is created so that you get maximum results for minimum time costs. If you want it to be faster, we only should go to the magicians and wizards for this ? Although, for some students completing a 4-day course can help achieve these goals. Many results depend on the degree of stuttering and how is the previous experience of performing speech stupors, on involvement in the process and learning ability fixed. We are all different people, and it would be unfair to “drive everyone in the same car”, and if it doesn’t work out, we say: “Well, this is your fate and own fault” and so on. If something doesn’t work out somewhere – you need to understand why.

The maximum efficiency of classes is achieved by increasing the time for theory, practice and obtaining results. Scientists have found that neural connections for new mechanisms are normally fixed in 21 days. During this time, the developed skill comes to be fixed at the level of habit. Before this all actions are intentional and controlled. “Read more about the time to consolidate the skill at the unconscious level of the system 21-40-90”

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In a month of regular communication with a specialist, you will learn how to successfully overcome stuttering and fears of speech by yourself (with my maximum help and feedback). Further, according to the plan, to get the stable normalization of speech takes about 3 months. We will learn how not to stammer and not do the speech stupor from the moment when we begin our studies. The psychological aspect of stuttering (fear of a stupor before a speech) is being removed gradually.

Getting rid of fears plus understanding the mechanism of speech, consciousness, a large amount of practice, consolidating new knowledge at the level of a fulfilled habit and constant support – all is created for a different level of your life. Without stuttering. With the ability to say anything, anytime and to anyone at the level of a normal habit.

This work doesn’t have to be hard. In some cases, when a person is successful to correct some stupid errors in speech, he begins to feel somehow higher because of this success. And with this feeling of enthusiasm and positive, he continues to communicate with various people. And then he continues to achieve success in the normal transfer of information. This is like some kind of long-waited relief that you have been waiting for so long.

This can not even be called a job. It’s just starting to do something that brings some pleasure or some kind of neutral state to you. The whole work is done to stop yourself for some time and do what you need. Moreover, when you’re thinking at the same time as it should be taken. Our goal is to turn your speech into an absolutely natural and laid-back process so that you can only think about the subject of speech.

stammer experience

There is an opportunity to study INCOGNITO, without publicly advertising BEFORE and AFTER results😎

The dynamics is visible very clearly.Firstly, when the video is made BEFORE the training, then at the end of the course 📈 And also some time after the end of the course (1-3-6-12 months). After all, it is precisely getting to good and stable result that is put at the forefront of the entire curriculum ✅If you wish, you can record a normal speech AFTER classes (or better a series, during some time). But, if you intend to complete training entirely in the INCOGNITO mode, then of course, there is such a possibility. Most students choose this option.

Special conditions for those who help to develop the project with their video reviews and / or publishing the situation BEFORE and AFTER

Your successes in overcoming stuttering inspire those who still struggle with this problem. Overcoming stuttering and logoneurosis is always a definite work of the stuttering person (the volume of work is directly proportional to the severity of the problem). People who successfully had overcome this problem can be compared with HEROES who repeatedly and unsuccessfully have been fighting (!)with the word previously, and now have literally become its master. And for HEROES who do not hesitate to advertise their success we have discounts and special conditions🎁😊

Still have questions?

You can contact me for FREE via video link (SKYPE),
diagnose the problem and clarify all the details about the
possibilities of the training program to overcome stuttering

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