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REBT-Rational-emotional-behavioral therapy

лечение заикания

Stuttering Treatment – Causes and Corrections


Hello, my name is Alexander Degilevich. I teach a course from stuttering according to my author’s method. Unlike other specialists, I have stuttered for 16 years and I know the problem from the inside. Stupor, clamps, word substitution and logophobia were my reality. Speech therapists and psychologists have not solved the problem.More than 10 years […]

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getting rid of stuttering

How much time to devote to classes and what can you expect?


It is possible to get rid of stuttering in 2-3-4 months, as well as from logophobia. But you need to assess your capabilities realistically and patiently follow all the necessary prescriptions

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Stuttering treatment and correction methods

Stuttering treatment and correction methods


There are various treatments of stuttering at the moment.  I must say right away that there is nothing to treat here, since stuttering is not a disease.  Speech clamps made by a stutterer are arbitrary mistakes (!) …

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methods for stopping stuttering

What methods are good to stop stuttering?


Do you really want to speak by using any method?  Normal people speak without any method!  Absolutely free and as it is convenient for them…

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Stuttering correction

Stuttering correction


– Stuttering correction – Program, exercises and exercises for stutter correction …      

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Why do you need to work on psychosomatic blocks⁉️


What is the problem of stuttering ? ? Stuttering is a problem caused by psychological factors. That is why this neurotic disorder can be classified as a psychosomatic problem. And this disorder does not manifest itself in all situations …

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stuttering in children

Children stuttering


Children’s stuttering (or logoneurosis) is a hurtful speech impediment, which sometimes prevents them from living life to the fullest. According to statistics, stuttering in children is found in 4% of cases. In adults it is 2%. So this defect is quite (and even efficiently) curable.

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Anna Deeter and Roman Snezhko

Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter – swindler and fraud ? Truth about the ETALON program


I want to introduce you to a man who told me a few simple rules and guidelines, following which I could myself (!) TO ADJUST AND IMPROVE SPEECH, but not eliminate (!) the problem of stuttering. By the way there is nothing supernatural of what even a schoolboy wouldn’t know. However, we must give him […]

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Payment Terms and Money Back Options

Payment Terms and Money Back Options


I am writing for those who ask me when to pay money – before our classes start or after the results of classes appear. Nevertheless, let us fix the fact that stuttering is based on psychophysiology and on the incorrectly fixed skill, but it’s not about genetics.

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get rid of stuttering

What guarantees do I get that I will stop stuttering after I buy your course?


Sure you can. Same as you can speak normally, fully and freely. Every student has a chance to speak stably and normally. The question is about the desire, time and the right effort. To maximize the potential of comfortable speech, you will need normal feedback from the teacher / mentor for the required time.

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Stuttering exercises

Stuttering exercises — let’s sort it out!


Many stutters are wondering what exercises will help them in eliminating stuttering. Get rid of stuttering by doing yourself the exercises at home – why not? It is logical to suggest here that speech in case of logoneurosis can be corrected only with the help of “secret” techniques. It’s simple: do it yourself and sincerely […]

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Are breathing exercises effective

Are breathing exercises effective as a stuttering therapy?


Probably everyone who stutters has heard that there are various breathing exercises that are supposed to be used to eliminate stuttering. Some even tried to carry them out. I was no exception – I also tried. Speech therapists had been working with me since childhood.

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отличия в занятиях по устранению заикания

Is it real or there is no way to get rid of stuttering with the “etalon method”?


You have passed the 3 day Etalon course from Roman Snezhko and you are still widely and frequently stuttering? Is it possible to get rid of stuttering in 3 days according to the “Etalon” method and what to expect from this technique?

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Aleksandr Degilevich and “etalon” from the false academician

“Etalon” course by Anna Deeter and “BREAKTHROUGH” program | Differences


Friends, I am very happy to announce the program I’m working on – BREAKTHROUGH. Like there was not Roman Snezhko and Anna Deeter’s “Etalon” method at all – forget about it. It’s only some name which someone is using in his training. There is nothing more.

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You’re not sick, you are absolutely healthy. Just as healthy as your speech apparatus is healthy


You speak excellent being alone with yourself. This means that you can speak the same way in any situation. There are laws everywhere and everyone must obey them. So, speech is not an exception – it has its own rules and laws that all normal people unconsciously do.

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Psycho-Physical “Breakthrough” SPEECH GYMNASTICS

How is the problem of stuttering can be solved? Speech stupor


Speech is a conscious action that requires clear and continuous attention. It consists of a series of successive actions controlled by the Consciousness of the individual. Speech communication consists of three consecutive processes, one after another:

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stuttering treatment

Is it possible to cure stuttering once and completely?


Stuttering treatment – how good is this popular idea? You can easily get rid of stuttering if you don’t take it as a disease or even as a huge problem when only a doctor can help you. To begin with, stuttering is not a disease, and therefore all attempts to treat this speech stupor will […]

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making speech stupors

How fast can you unlearn from making speech stupors and fix it at the level of habit?


Speech stupors when stuttering. For how long can you relearn to normal speech? We all would like to get rid of stuttering in the shortest possible time and this can be understood. However, we must build on existing realities in fixing a new speech skill on a subconscious level.

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stammer experience

My personal stammer experience and how I teach to stop stuttering completely


Welcome to everybody. My name is Alexander Degilevich and I conduct the lessons to overcome stuttering. I myself had been stammering strongly since the age of 5, and this all caused a very great discomfort to me. I know how hard it is to live with stammer:…

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stuttering and speech speed

Stuttering and speech speed. You need to speak at your own pace


I am going to tell you my personal opinion about stuttering and speech speed. Actually there is a view among most stutterers that the best speech speed is fast. Speech fast speed is not a quality rate…

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