What methods are good to stop stuttering?

methods for stopping stuttering

"How to get rid of stuttering" techniques ... One important comment on the work of any program / course / method, etc.

Do you really want to speak by using any method?  Normal people speak without any method!  Absolutely free and as it is convenient for them.  Speech is built on sensations.  Therefore, you will never get a good result by practicing any method to speak.  You need to be brought up to the necessary sensations before speaking process, so  from a normal state you can speak absolutely in any situation and in front of anyone.  And no written instructions (or so-called “methods”) can ever do this. This can only be done by another person who absolutely accurately understands the state of the stutterer and has successfully gone through all this himself. And there are a lot of “methods” on the Internet that will allow you to speak without stuttering.  For example, slow speaking….  Do you want this?  I don’t think so.  But this is exactly what you can achieve on your own without any support.  Or you can speak with the rhythm tapping, they say it also helps to speak without stuttering.  But these are all fierce and inconvenient disguises for the problem.

Errors in independent work according to any technique without necessary feedback

“No one wants the technique itself.  It practically doesn’t represent anything without individual work with a competent specialist, ” – many of my students say that after completing their training. They begin to understand why earlier their independent attempts were not successful  in the process of personal work.  There are really a lot of subtleties that need to be felt, seen and corrected.  You can find a bunch of techniques on the Internet, and you will never get any tangible improvements in your own speech with the help of them.  You’ll just look at these tips YOURSELF and try to do something YOURSELF.  Nobody will assess you, correct you – draw up and adjust an individual curriculum for you – give feedback and check your progress on a number of points.  And so on and so forth.  The list is not small, especially when it comes to a strong degree of stuttering. It’s always a lot of work, always a lot of tasks and full analysis of them.   Without this, simply written recommendations can hardly be helpful.  The only value will be to feel at least some positive dynamics even from this free material published online.  Classes on overcoming stuttering are, first of all, training sessions, where much will always depend on the student himself and his efforts.  No other way is given.  No one will correct YOUR speech for you.  Your speech is only in your hands.  And these training sessions are partially similar to, for example, classes for learning a language.  Only with a very big difference. You can learn the language on your own (of course, if you have a lot of free time, great effort, patience, motivation and commitment).  But you cannot work effectively to overcome stuttering only on your own.  And this has already been confirmed by experience of thousands stutterers who have previously found various “methods” (various texts) on the Internet.  It seems that you have understood the point of it, then you go out and try to use different techniques when talking to someone.  But fears don’t go away, as well as the opportunity to get speech stupor.  And only few people were able to practically obtain tangible and stable dynamics in getting rid of stuttering on their own.  Despite the fact that from time to time they could stutter in some situations as well as before.  The rest of “self-taught” have been sitting on the forums for years and practically do not move from the “dead center”.  I’ve done it myself before and went through it all.

Nevertheless no specialist in their right mind and sober memory can ever give  100% guarantees for the results of ANOTHER PERSON.  Who will independently experience certain fears before and during speech.  Who  will decide himself either to use his speech apparatus normally, or not.  He will either independently adhere to the recommendations or not.  Either find excuses for his mistakes, or look for ways to solve problem in different situations. Nobody can do anything for us.  Unless we are talking about a serious disease.  For example, an appendicitis can be excised.  In this case, the patient will be put to sleep, and the surgeon will do everything on his own.  But with stuttering it will not work like this, no one is going to “remove” your impediment.  The very formulation of the question in this case sounds inadequate.  Yes, you can work on the results of improving speech, but the dynamics can be different for each student, somewhere better and somewhere worse.  And this is not surprising.  In the field of education or acquiring a skill, this is an absolutely standard situation.

People make many mistakes even in personal training to overcome stuttering

In our stuttering classes, many people usually make the same mistakes many times during the learning process.  And this happens, despite the fact that I personally show and explain everything, check the assimilation of the material. It is normal, because these people every year there were several thousands of such mistakes earlier in their lives!  Of course, all this can not be resolved so quickly.  It takes time and proper work on the learned material.  Otherwise, efficiency may simply tend to zero, as in any other case.                                                    

There were cases when my students and I were in touch almost every day, I sent them a lot of voice and video messages regarding the correct execution and overcoming mistakes.  And even in this case, they did many things wrong out of habit!  And we had to analyze their mistakes again and again and carry out further work to ensure that the necessary solutions would normally take root in their minds and bodies.  What can we say about those who, without any support, make a decision on their own at their own peril and risk of trying to follow any training program ?!  In most cases, we all know the outcome.  God forbid if one in a hundred manages to independently come to the necessary normal and stable sensations before speech.

The "BREAKTHROUGH" methodology includes successful practical experience of various people and approaches to overcoming stuttering

I research information on specialized activities for the treatment and overcoming of stuttering in a foreign language.  There are also smart guys on the topic of overcoming logoneurosis abroad.  Yes, I have to use a translator.  Many books, editions and manuals do not have translations into Russian. The first step is curiosity.  How they approach the solution of this problem, what concepts are used, what results are obtained and what level of speech rehabilitation is pursued.  Yes, there is something similar in what my team and I do.  It is not surprising that in this thread different experts look at the problem from a similar angle.  But there are many little things, each of which should not be overlooked.  Something can be taken into practice, with something just familiar to expand horizons.  Basically, when evaluating different approaches, you understand why this approach is ineffective and what are its mistakes. Sometimes you just look at some “specialists” and feel compassion for their students beforehand, since the main goal is to disguise the problem under various crutches, which, for obvious reasons, will not normally take roots in your system. 

There are “advanced” specialists who work for the most part with a reason, whose goal is to really normalize speech as much as possible.  This is the most interesting material to work with.  Courses aimed at getting rid of stuttering are different, faster and longer, budgetary and expensive.  We have already purchased some for review, some are just in plan. Somewhere it was possible to take only 10% of the entire material into service in addition to our training program.  Sometimes it is better not to take anything, but to call it all “a guide how it is not necessary to do under any circumstances.”

  The worst thing that can happen to a specialist is when he thinks that he knows absolutely everything and that he has nothing to learn from others.  But if you look at the top companies in various fields, in the pursuit of offering the best product or service, no one disdains the collection, systematization and verification of information from other entrepreneurs / corporations offering similar solutions.  It is a good practice for large companies to have an entire department dedicated to this case. I don’t have such a department, but I don’t need it.  Everything that I can fit into memory will remain there.  The rest is on a paper.  Next – running in add-ons and collecting feedback, analytics, etc.  As A.V.  Suvorov said: “A soldier who does not dream of becoming a general is bad.  The general who has forgotten that once he was a soldier is bad.