Stuttering treatment and correction methods

Stuttering treatment and correction methods

Stuttering treatment methods

There are various treatments of stuttering at the moment.  I must say right away that there is nothing to treat here, since stuttering is not a disease.  Speech clamps made by a stutterer are arbitrary mistakes (!).  So, a person is consciously making them for the sake of some specific result.  In this case, the goal is to transmit information under “stressful” conditions, when you intuitively understand that you can get stuck on a word again and you try to push complex sounds with the help of the vocal apparatus.  Due to your previous negative experience which was gained in similar situations, you begin to try to convey the next portion of information as less “traumatically” as possible.  You start changing words, speeding up or slowing down the pace, changing your voice, etc.  But all these deliberate actions are made by the stutterer himself.  Accordingly to this fact, no disease can be mentioned here.  Therefore, all attempts to treat stuttering are doomed to a failure in advance.  Methods and techniques should not be curative.  You can treat appendicitis by cutting it out surgically.  You can treat sore throat by lying at home in warm clothes, drinking antibiotics and milk with honey.  You can treat bad teeth in a dental chair, where under anesthesia the dentist removes or treats your bad teeth … and so on.  At the same time, your role is simply to do nothing and trust those who will solve your problem for you.  With stuttering (a habit of speech stupor), this will not work, it cannot be treated.  A habit (voluntary action) cannot be cured in any way.  I want everyone to understand this perfectly.  But this problem can be corrected using a training approach, which will be discussed below.

Stuttering correction methods. Important points

So, at the very least, we have sorted out the attempts to cure habits.  Moving on to more sensible solutions for overcoming stuttering and all the related problems.  Correction methods.  There are quite a few of them and, unfortunately, most of them are aimed not at solving the problem, but at masking it.  Yes, MASKING that is, an attempt to hide the problem under all kinds of “crutches” that no normal person uses in speech.  For example, learning to slow down speech.  Yes, a person may not stutter at this rate, but will he feel normal at the same time?  And how will his listeners relate to him?  Many stuttersv for logical reasons choose “understandable” stuttering over “incomprehensible lethargy”.  By the way, at one time, I also made this choice, abandoning the methods and techniques that offered me to use slow-motion speech regularly.  This does not solve the problem and often only develops even greater complexes inside a person.  Another example is speech with rhythm punching.  Again we are witnessing attempts to introduce some unnatural manipulations into the process of speech formation.  And, by the way, I will say that it is very problematic to do these rhythm tapping, since it causes some discomfort.  And even if the speech with the tapping out of the rhythm is better, then the feeling of one’s own inferiority only strengthens inside.  It is hard for our body to get used to something not normal and not natural.  As the main judge it will always be critical of certain tricks and crutches “for the sake of” less stuttering speech.  And there are many such ways to “facilitate” speech, we can analyze them in more details at a free consultation.


 But the best way of speaking is natural, in which you will not need to try to constantly monitor the work of the speech apparatus.  The main focus should be on the subject of speech and not on the methods for extracting it.  Only such approaches can be considered reasonable and adequate.  Only such an ideology and concept of the curriculum can bring really fruitful and stable results.  Attempts to disguise stuttering will always be repelled by the healthy consciousness of the stutter himself and, accordingly, will not take root well in his behavioral reactions.


 More details about the problem of stuttering and the true cause of stupor can be found in the article “Psychosomatics and stuttering”


What determines the effectiveness of the method of overcoming stuttering

First of all, the effectiveness of a reasonable(!) method to overcome stuttering  depends on the actions of the student himself, his efforts, diligence, patience, flexibility and dedication.  All this undoubtedly has a great influence on the effectiveness of any work on one’s own mistakes.  But the training program must be really effective itself too.  In the case of stuttering, this efficiency cannot be achieved without the flexibility of correction during the training.  There is not and should not be any ” one and only instruction on how to get rid of stuttering for everyone”, speech is built not according to instructions, but according to feelings.  And in the curriculum there should be many “control” points at which the dynamics  analyzed and only taking into account gained the experience, further work continues on bringing speech to a normal state.  If a person has had a strong degree of stuttering for many years,of course there will be many of these control points.  And for the best analysis and effective overcoming of these points an experienced mentor is needed.  A person who, during the course, should already (!) have those feelings which he had previously while solving similar problem in the past. The student should be led by someone who already has an independent, conscious and successful experience in overcoming stuttering and all possible differences in this matter. Only in this way the mentor will be able to understand not only problem areas, but also go and see,and most importantly, feel the next steps to overcome further difficulties.  It is, as it were, a look from the present into the future, taking into account and re-evaluating the mistakes of the past. And the work is not for one hour or even for one day.  As a rule, it takes 4 weeks of teamwork to work out all problem areas.  Although it happens that even after a week of joint training, a person finally understands everything, feels a great positive dynamics and then he is really ready to “polish” problem areas on his own.  I am very glad when a BREAKTHROUGH occurs so rapidly.  And nevertheless, in the future, I am always ready, if necessary, to parse any complex state that led to any errors.  After all, speech is built primarily from sensations and the internal state before speech plays an important role in the ability to transmit any information without problems.  I have about 8 years of experience in working with various conditions. By the way, the history of my own stuttering can be found in the article “My personal stammer experience and how I teach to stop stuttering completely”.