How fast can you unlearn from making speech stupors and fix it at the level of habit?

making speech stupors

Day 21 is just the first period on the new path

Speech stupors when stuttering. For how long can you relearn to normal speech? We all would like to get rid of stuttering in the shortest possible time and this can be understood. However, we must build on existing realities in fixing a new speech skill on a subconscious level. And this article will describe the system 21-40-90, which is steadily operating in all spheres of life. Any skill can be fixed with the system 21-40-90. To maximize the effectiveness of the classes, you need to work on yourself more. It is necessary as neural connections are formed in the brain during this period. Scientists have established experimentally that this requires 21 days. During this time the process of habit formation ends. The habit is fixed by consciousness. But there is one big BUT. New ties have formed, but the old ones have not disappeared yet. At any moment, we are at a fork: go along that old road or newly laid?

To adopt confidently a new habit, we still need about the same amount of time to forget the habits that we needn’t to use now. This happens in 40 days.

40 days is the second period

For 40 days, the old habit begins to “overgrow with grass,” because you no longer go this way. You already get used to a new habit, but it still does not work “automatically”, it takes some effort to follow it. This is a period of fixing the habit.

And, finally, the third period is 90 days

If you overcome it, then a new habit will enter your life steadily. You no longer have to strain to follow it. The action becomes automatic. This rule 21-40-90 operates steadily in all spheres of life. Whether it’s health (most health recovery schemes are designed for at least 21 days), relationships, finances, there will always be these three stages. But this does not mean that all 90 days stutterer will have to work hard to get used to regular-stable normal speech. In fact, if everything is done correctly, then such work on yourself in a few days will become pleasant and very interesting. Within a few days stutterer will be able to understand how to avoid stuttering in speech and then will use the knowledge earned in practice. When stutterer does everything right, speech will be free and carefree, which will undoubtedly delight and add confidence in the chosen direction. He will understand that he could have simply avoided many situations for which he had to blush, as he stuttered and grimaced.

Analyze your mistakes

It’s certainly inspiring to understand that now you can confidently manage your speech apparatus yourself. And, it’s okay that it will not always be possible to talk without errors, the main thing is to learn how to analyze them correctly and, in the future, to prevent them easily. In fact, it is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight. The results of carefree speech are achieved with the help of very basic instructions, which simply do not need to bow out. At first, you do everything consciously, then, like all other processes, free from stupors, speech will be fixed on the unconscious level. After that the person at conversation will think only of a subject of speech, without distracting on a stuttering. And this is the main goal, for the sake of which it is possible for some time to try to learn some techniques that promote self-disposal from stuttering / speech stupor.