What guarantees do I get that I will stop stuttering after I buy your course?

get rid of stuttering

Can I stutter after I’ve completed your course?

Sure you can. Same as you can speak normally, fully and freely. Every student has a chance to speak stably and normally. The question is about the desire, time and the right effort. To maximize the potential of comfortable speech, you will need normal feedback from the teacher / mentor for the required time. This is the same as taking the courses on creating and developing your own business. Can a participant leave a hired job after completing a course to become a good businessman? Of course he can. At the same time, according to statistics, more than half of the participants remain among those who “tried” and who “did not get any success”. Do these results show that this training on creating and developing a business is a concrete scam? Of course, it is not like that. The fact that some participants, thanks to this course, still manage to find (create, invent, find, launch, support, etc.) a normally functioning business is a good reason to think more positive. And some, in addition to their hired work, gain additional income in the field of earnings in the “freelance” market. Everyone gets it very differently, and the final result depends on many factors. It is about how much time and effort we spend on the taking new information and its using in our daily activities. The way we respond to failure when things fail also have its importance. What conclusions we make from when we get something – one more important point here. We all make these and many other mistakes. The only difference is that one of us makes the right conclusions so as not to step on the same rake. Whether we are ready and correct the situation or not. Success is achieved by those who correctly analyze the positive dynamics in the development of their business. You’ve conducted several experiments, saw the results of my work -> focus on what leads you to success then. Scale the actions that somehow led you to all the positive results on the way to your goal. And so on. Obviously, we will all act differently. Someone does not have the patience, someone, in the process, will realize that he is not ready to spend so much time to this activity. And if you also take into account the fact that, in real, no one can ever guarantee any exact positive and stable result – the arguments and assessments “Do I need it?” cannot be avoided. Does that mean there are certain risks in this business? Of course, there are risks in any business. They can be large or small, scary and not scary at all, inspiring confidence and be just about panic. Do you know what experienced business trainers do? They demonstrate only the most effective training programs. Maximum benefit for the very different participants: both for those who can more or less quickly understand everything and for those who need more time to understand, assimilate and consolidate certain elements. Of course, the individual lessons give greater efficiency when the student is alone with the teacher and they have a lot of time for clear analysis of various situations. A similar situation comes with taking classes to overcome stuttering, where the most effective is also taking the individual lessons with a trainer / teacher / tutor / mentor. And even despite individual lessons, the final success in normalizing your speech depends on many factors. Now you probably have a feeling of some lost hope. Please, get rid of this feeling as soon as possible. Experienced specialists simply try to work out all these factors, and this can take you quite a much time. Plus, you need to understand that no one can guarantee a stutterer the 100% result of NORMAL, COMFORTABLE AND STABLE (!) SPEECH. No one can guarantee “100% free from stuttering once and forever with a lifetime warranty”. Especially if it takes you only a few days. Stuttering is not a blockage in the bathroom, which can be removed with the help of a professional plumber. This is not a disease that a doctor can cure. This is a complex psycho-emotional problem that only a stuttering person can consistently remove from his speech. Of course, the most effective way to do this is to use the professional support of a competent specialist – your mentor. There are some cases when stutterers independently and pretty well cope with their problem, having only an advice from the Internet. As practice shows, these people and cases are more likely exceptions to the general rule (statistics: maximum 1 out of 100 people).

What does my personal depend on to get the success in overcoming stuttering?

There are many factors as the efforts of the student and the experience and competence of the specialist working with him. Some students get very good positive dynamics in a short time, while it takes a longer time to get roughly the same results for others. Of course, each case is individual. There is a common methodology, concept, tools and recommendations, but there is no “common” program for everyone. There are not programs like: do it like this way for so long and you will get the maximum possible result at the final point. You can’t take any general program as the best solution for all stutterers. In any case, different people will have some similar questions, but these questions need to be worked out INDIVIDUALLY with everyone. How much time and effort will it take to study all the difficult moments? There is no such common time for everybody. Individually means individually. Can one method help one stutterer the same way as it helped to another one? Yes. But the question is: how much and how efficient can it help? It is very important to receive not only educational and practical information while having the training, but to act as consciously and competently as possible. But you always have the option to spend your time and energy doing any exercises and tasks blindly. All these difficulties happen with absolutely all the stutters during real practice. But we remember that the most important thing in training is to analyze in detail the majority of “difficult” moments, making an individual plan for working out the “weak” places and strengthening the “strong” ones. Stuttering is mostly just a psychological problem, but it comes at the physical level: at the level of your body, face (speech instruments). And to get the maximum result in eliminating stuttering, you need this competent individual work: complex, phased, professional. Personally, your success in overcoming stuttering mostly depends on the proper interaction with your teacher. Do not be shy to ask questions; regularly get feedback on success and mistakes. Moreover, the proper doing of the required number of all the assigned tasks must be done – both at home and in society. Trying to do it and doing it right – are two different concepts. You are trying to do something, but have little success? It only means that you are doing something in a completely wrong way and this situation requires a separate individual analysis. Then again you pass a test, have some more practice, analysis, conclusions and adjustment, etc. etc. If you move correctly and fix the necessary things with the requirements for efficiency – such work does not create any tension. On the contrary, comfortable speech brings you only positive emotions. You have done it correctly and right now – you have got an instant result of free speech. You have not done – you have got a stupor or any other inconvenience. The students and I are working to create their speech only on the basis of “as it should be”. They independently reduce the amount of everything that does not fit for the requirements of theory and practice in the transmission of information. The results of other students, like my own results, are an excellent guarantee that stuttering can be overcome very effectively through collaboration. And so this work comes as efficient as possible, and its results are stable – not the great desire of the stutterer to get rid of the problem plays a big role only. But also your dedication (the maximum of your efforts, abilities, knowledge) in the process of creation and using free speech!