Payment Terms and Money Back Options

Payment Terms and Money Back Options

About “I myself”

I am writing for those who ask me when to pay money – before our classes start or after the results of classes appear. Nevertheless, let us fix the fact that stuttering is based on psychophysiology and on the incorrectly fixed skill, but it’s not about genetics. The work of a tutor to eliminate stuttering can be easily compared with the work of a psychologist and psychotherapist – they also work with the psychological problems of a person. World practice and statistics prove that such specialists are paid NOT for the result, but FOR the duration of the classes. The specialist works for the maximum planned result during the classes/meetings/trainings. Can 100% guarantee be real? Of course not! If the patient / student is initially interested in the opportunity to get his money back, then he is already pre-configured to ensure that he loses nothing. No risk – no motivation to overcome yourself. Then there is no value of another person’s work. Few specialists will agree to work in these conditions. If there are such, then they simply do not appreciate their time, knowledge, experience, etc.

Firstly, the results of any student’s activity depend on himself. The specialist from the beginning is aimed to get the best results only. But you must agree: if something does not work out for the patient / student, he is unlikely to say something like: “Oh, well, my psychologist is the reason for me having nothing now. So, I want return the money to me, because I have not received my results that I expected”. Have you been heard? Have you been given the information that it’s known how to solve your problem/improve the situation? Have you been given the information by which, with proper involvement, you can improve your speech and overcome stuttering? Are you dealing with difficult issues in solving problems? Are all the cases analyzed individually with many of additional questions? Obviously the answers are positive. Specialists are very interested in good results of their clients. Having these positive results, there will be further positive reviews, loyalty, recommendations, etc. Choosing a tutor or psychologist, you look at his education. You study the experience and results of his work with others. You feel his idea as understandable and comfortable. You watch videos, read articles and trust this person, because here a professional is. You choose a specialist for yourself. And no one forces you to make a choice.

Money money…

Let’s imagine: a person having some psychological problem says after a few lessons to his psychologist: “My situation is not being changed much and I ask my money back”. I’ve missed the moment when the specialist is compared with the seller of the results. Instruments – yes. Practice – yes. Methods of control, reflection and upgrade of knowledge and skills – also yes. What about the results? How to sell them? It’s a normal thing for us to blame somebody else in the absence or even not the planned amount of the result. Moreover, not everyone is able to blame himself. If the world knows these cases when someone else gets the result instead of a stuttering person, I am far behind trends now. It would be even much funnier if it wasn’t so sad. The result of normal and stable speech without speech stupors, but with flexibility in using of new knowledge and skills is impossible to buy. It can only be worked out, created, brought to automatic level through hard work. You must see how my students work: getting rid of a problem with the psychological base is sometimes more difficult than you even could imagine. The student does everything that is necessary to do as part of the course / session / lesson and further independent work. When a student asks about the result, I have my right to ask about the actions that have been done to achieve the goal: what new methods have appeared, how the knowledge have been fixed. I ask what have not worked out and what, on the contrary, have worked in its perfect way. How he has coped with all this. Whether he has practiced exactly the recommendations that were being received during individual reviews. Here we have many factors, and I always warn everyone about them because I personally know how difficult the path to overcome stuttering and having your normal speech is. When we talk about work to overcome your stuttering, the payment comes BEFORE the class starts or it can be divided BY PIECES (by agreement, of course). This is the world practice accepted. Only then the student has his strongest motivation to get results in his successful future with normal speech. He has invested in it. Stuttering is a complex psychological problem, fixed at the subconscious level. For many years, this habit of saying “like this” has been working as a normal way of speaking. It is a very difficult task to get rid of it. I do not guarantee 100% stutter overcome in a few days. With a lifetime warranty and money back. I consider this approach as a fraud. I do not practice it. And I do not advise you to believe such “guarantees”. I give a guarantee that you can get around the stupor by following all the recommendations. But if something does not work out – the recommendations have not been fully taken into practice then. I was in the same situation and I understood then that it is not so fast and easy to fix such results. Any errors must be learnt how to be analyzed for correction. The experience in eliminating stuttering of my students and independent overcoming this problem with my one year practice – these are my arguments for the active position for each and every student to have his active position. There are no magic pills and recipes to overcome stuttering. There is only your motivation, reflection and practice. The results mostly depend on the student himself. But we still are talking about a refund. There is no place for any strange conversations on the way to normal speech: when I want, with whom I want and about what I want it to be – without stuttering. This choice is only yours.