My personal stammer experience and how I teach to stop stuttering completely

stammer experience

A bit of my stuttering story and how typical my stammer was

Welcome to everybody. My name is Alexander Degilevich and I conduct the lessons to overcome stuttering. I myself had been stammering strongly since the age of 5, and this all caused a very great discomfort to me. I know how hard it is to live with stammer: how many opportunities you lose, how many words, phrases, sentences were not said in certain situations because you think that you would stutter and this would bring you new frustrations and new negative emotions. Almost every day whenever I tried to communicate, being in the kindergarten, school or college – my stammer happened without any control. After school, stuttering in my life became a bit smaller, but a serious problem remained. Also, I could have several speech stupors in one word. I could be trying to pronounce the word itself for 10 seconds! The situation that I would better say nothing than disgrace myself by straining in conversation in almost every word once again happened quite often. In general, I always tried to answer in writing because there were no problems with this process. After graduation, I went to the army, where, by the way, stuttering was a kind of a difficult thing too. I tried to replace words somewhere, but sometimes I kept silent like I had been doing in my before-army life. It was easier for me to shut up then, to pretend to be a fool, who does not know what to answer the question, rather than continue my speech in stressful situations for me. I didn’t want to show my speech defect, my weakness once again in front of my colleagues. And the attitude to weak points of a person in the army is not always neutral. Finally, it wasn’t solid enough for an adult guy to stutter and to create all kinds of grimaces while speaking. Moreover, I tried to make my speech very high, noisy, trying to force all the sounds and words go out of my mouth. It was a really strong speech stupor. That is why I know a lot about stuttering not by hearsay. But I know how much it can worsen the quality of your life and even your self-esteem.

The reasons to stammer and my successful experience to stop stuttering

I came after the army. I was 24 and still had my stuttering speech. I found one interesting technique where I was offered a complete elimination in 3 days with a lifetime warranty – “Etalon” method. I had a personal meeting with Roman Snezhko in 2012. I paid 100 000 rubles for this meeting. In general, I was very pleased with the results despite the fact that I did not completely, making a speech stupor of varying severity from time to time. But my stuttering had been a very big and frequent problem before, and it became small and rare! And this was a kind of good result. A year after a personal meeting with Roman Snezhko, I myself tried to conduct similar lessons to eliminate stuttering, and my students also showed significant results in improving speech. Then I just focused on this direction and began to understand it better. Over years of practice, I already have several dozen students who are and were grateful to me. Who, together with me, did a good job to stop stuttering completely. How does the stuttering come:

● A person simply misuses his speech apparatus, although he can theoretically speak absolutely normal in any situation.

● Experiencing a certain fear the speech process, he “climbs” into the work of his speech apparatus in the wrong way, trying, as it always was, to help himself push the “complex” sounds. But in the end he only makes things worse!

● At the same time there is no failure in stuttering itself, and the whole problem and ways to solve it can be explained clearly and in details. It has a specific “behavior”, which can be learned to take as a normal (!) cause-and-effect relationship.

● We ourselves are trying to resist the natural speech behavior when we enter into a speech stupor. The reasons why we are doing all these actions is a rather large, extensive and long topic that we discuss having the individual lessons to overcome stuttering speech.

Stuttering is not a disease!

The problem of stuttering is the problem of speech stupor. A person does not hiccup in the classical meaning of this word, which means that this problem has a completely wrong name. Stuttering is recognized as a disease, but this is not true. For example, when talking to oneself, the stutterer makes it absolutely normal, that means he is completely 100% healthy. And because of the substitution of concepts about the nature of this problem, there is confusion in the heads of the stutterers. Some programs simply can not help in overcoming stuttering, because they try to treat a person who is healthy. If stuttering disease is taken as something like an illness, then it’s only mentally and only partly. In those moments when speech stupor occurs, the head really does not think in a normal way that’s why our brain ultimately sends commands to stutter. And it happens not because of evil, but to save itself, so that you do not silence the conversation and draw even more attention to yourself. Stuttering, in fact, is a particular way of making speech. At the end it sometimes is used by you to transmit information. And it is possible and necessary to work with this activity, consistently and gradually accustoming the consciousness to the correct work, in spite of the situation and the interlocutor.

My program helps to get rid of stutter completely

In the classroom, we first learn how to control our speech apparatus conveniently and freely, analysing and fixing it at the level of habit. After a few weeks we are already moving this work for the most part into an unconscious skill. They wanted to say something – they said! Without any installations, trainings and techniques! Such a speech can be easily called “free”. This is the sacred mission of our training sessions. One of the most important skills is to learn not to stumble from speech stupor and to be able to easily get out of any uncomfortable situations. We have been working on it for a month. Within 21 days, you can consolidate a new skill more or less. It can not be consolidated in 3 days only. And, it’s absolutely okay that during this period some speech mistakes are possible to happen sometimes and appear somewhere. On the contrary, it would be really strange if a person had been stuttering for many years. Then in only a few days he would defeat this problem completely and get rid of stutter once and for all. This is a fairytale. But you have to live with realities, taking the burden of your problem and your own capabilities, such as they really are. In just a few days, you can only understand how to make a speech without stuttering and in which direction to go further + go there with the teacher, to take several first conscious steps towards finding a normal speech (work on this for several days for several hours). And then you practice and strengthen this skill in various situations with friends and strangers (at school, at work, in shops and so on). This is an obligatory step for maximum results in eliminating stuttering, and it can last from several weeks to several months. And only after you have spoken freely and easily with various people for a long time, you can be more or less likely to say that you’ve deleted this problem. Before that, and even more longer than 2-3 days, all assumptions about your maybe complete and 100% deliverance from stuttering will not be supported by the concrete evidence. There is: no evidence – no deal (normal words). To sum up, there are words made in a normal way, but with some schizo-programs, freezes, voltages and so on. You have no need to strive for the ideal, for some fictional “Etalon”. You just need to strive for the norm. I follow this position and also demand that my students follow it, which has a very positive effect on the overall effectiveness of the classes. In general, it is normal to strive for absolutely carefree speech and have a desire to speak without stuttering. But do not be afraid, if something does not work out, you just always need to learn to do the right analytics and conclusions for later, instant and conscious error correction. And all this is not so difficult as it may seem at first glance. Yes, if you yourself take it necessary to correct, then after some time these corrections will be minimized. Consciousness understands the meaning of your efforts, and moves some kind of work to an unconscious (semi-automatic) skill.

Real results of my “BREAKTHROUGH” program

My own program to get rid of stutter “BREAKTHROUGH” (click here for more) works on the full disclosure of the potential of normal speech for each student to the results they can really achieve. Of course, for some people because of various reasons, it may not be possible to reach 100% of their potential for absolutely normal, free and natural speech. But we always try to reveal everything to the maximum. All tools, manuals and instructions for this perfect result are available. I want stutterers not to believe in fairy tales about “100% elimination of stuttering once and for all in just a few days”. Whoever believes it is more likely for them that only disappointment can be expected. I guarantee this reality and it’s based on the statistics of some students of Roman Snezhko and on the common sense. But ambition for this 100% deliverance is a great idea. Well, let’s do everything that is needed for this, gradually and consistently grown out of a habit of using speech stupors and getting used to easy speech. While a person is not aware of what and how he needs to do in order not to fall into a speech stupor, he cannot on a constant basis be confident in his speech and stably be at a normal and carefree pace when communicating with an interlocutor

My classes teach you to avoid stuttering in any situation

The main goal of my classes is not just to show demo video results before, after and a few days later. Partly (but, of course, not everything is so utopian), this may indicate that this person is used to me. He specifically, knows that I am aware of his problems and I am ready to help him and give valuable instructions and analysis of mistakes for normal speech. So that he can therefore begin to speak normally in a few days with me (on camera). But mostly this is a demonstration version: demonstration possibilities of free speech using the example of a specific positive dynamics of “Before” and “After”. My experience proves that they know about your stuttering situations and then you can easily face up with people who are not aware of your problem, and of course, they have no interest to help. You can always and everywhere use the necessary recommendations always and everywhere and avoid stuttering. But no one can, in principle, give a 100% guarantee in elimination of stuttering. Most part depends on the student himself, who was only given a fishing pole, which, if properly treated, can catch a good fish. Smart and adequate people should understand me. It is important that a person not only learns to speak freely without stuttering being with me in 4 walls, but also with all other people, in spite what the situation is (at school, college, at work, on the street, in a shop, etc.). And it takes from several weeks to several months in order to develop this skill well and to be confident in your light mastery of speech apparatus at an unconscious level. But it is possible in just a few days to explain everything in detail, giving the necessary instructions, advice and recommendations. So that in the future, the stutterer could independently achieve results and do it easily and naturally. In my classroom, the results in overcoming stuttering appear under the personal control of the students themselves.

Real reviews about how I work and your guarantees to eliminate stuttering

People come to me being stuttering. Then I analyze their speech for the presence of errors and the frequency of their occurrence. If a person stutters a little while speaking to me and he stutters a lot with others – I ask him to send me a recording of a telephone conversation or a recording of a dictaphone in a situation where the speech stupor is clearly visible then. But even without recording the conversation, I can conduct high-quality classes so that a person, who leaves after my practice, is able to apply new skills and techniques in any other situations. I explain the process of getting rid of stammering in such a way that later there will be no more questions about how to simply eliminate stuttering in your life. When a stutterer understands me, he begins to do the implement of the necessary tools in his communication and as a result he receives his normal speech at a convenient speed. But the primary task is to get rid of speech stupors, stopping to independently turn simple hesitations into something irrational. Only on the development of this basic stage it takes from several days to several weeks (all depends on each student individually). And only then a new and very important task appears – to arrive at a normal and comfortable speech rate. The stage is not simple, but who diligently fulfills all my recommendations are simply doomed to a dramatic improvement in his speech in a positive way. I give guarantees for my services about overcoming stuttering with the help of speech gymnastics and a log-psychotherapeutic approach. There is a contract and it is prescribed there what I do and what my students should do. Everything is very clear and honest. If you adhere to certain rules, the fulfillment after some time simply becomes a habit. Then you can speak absolutely easily, comfortably and carelessly in any situation. But no one can give a completely true guarantee as it would be just silly. For example, a sales manager, having the expensive training, is promised that in a month he would sell something for several thousand dollars. Naturally, the learning outcomes will largely depend on the student himself, and no one on the planet can give any 100% guarantee of some wonderful result to fix stammering, besides scammers whose goal is to get big money fraudulently. If a stutterer uses any technique, and it works well, then each time it will become easier and easier for him to use this tool so that the brain will memorize it at the level of habit. And when the stutterer already knows that the proposed recommendations can work perfectly, he already has the desire and motivation to further develop his speech and eliminate stuttering. And so, victory after victory, step by step, we are creating ourselves absolutely free from stuttering.

The importance of my students’ results and affordable price lessons

I teach my students until I see that they are fully aware of the information that I bring to them. So, to hear is only one of the things. But to understand, to deeply understand the problem, and the ways to solve it and then to make a good speech practice – is quite another. I do not conduct simple introductory lectures. First of all, I work for a practical and long-term result. Classes can be held in person or via Skype. It does not affect the effectiveness. It is desirable to have a normal Internet connection and a good webcam. So that the format of Skype classes is as close as possible to the personal meeting. The key advantage of my classes is an affordable price. For comparison, my teacher, Roman Snezhko together with his translator Anna Deeter sell similar educational lessons for $ 6000, while doing this practice with you for only 3 days. I understand that on the one hand, these are very valuable lessons for self-overcoming stuttering. But on the other hand, the cost of these classes is unreasonably high especially if we keep the fact that there is no 100% stuttering cure once and for all in 3 days. I will explain in more detail:

● At the lessons themselves, you are given only the rules and recommendations for the implementation of speech gymnastics

● Anna Deeter, Roman Snezhko and these instructions say that you must continue this work on your own for a few more weeks or months to speak fluently.

● Of course, at this fixing stage, speech stupor may appear somewhere making you stuttering as it was before in those moments when you simply can’t cope with the situation and get your speech under control.

● Again, the main thing is to have the right conclusions from the current situations, and you must do everything possible to minimize your speech problem because now you have a lot of instructions.

Therefore, as you see, it cannot be said that you can completely speak without stuttering once and for all in 3 days. But you can start to move in this direction as effectively as possible. That is what my classes are aimed at. My complete training course on overcoming stuttering “BREAKTHROUGH” costs you several times less than those of my competitors. Moreover, I do not use the substitution of concepts and do not deceive people. That is why dozens of students in Russia are very grateful for my work. I work with foreigners through a professional translator who knows the native language of my students. And due to this, the efficiency of conducting classes with Russians has no difference from the effectiveness of conducting classes with Americans. Persistence and work always lead to the goal.