The most effective speech therapy for adults: is it real or there is no way to get rid of stuttering with the “etalon method”?

отличия в занятиях по устранению заикания

What is the “Etalon” technique?

You have passed the 3 day Etalon course from Roman Snezhko and you are still widely and frequently stuttering? Is it possible to get rid of stuttering in 3 days according to the “Etalon” method and what to expect from this technique? No doubt, your purpose was to have the most effective speech therapy, but the results are far from your expectations. Don’t get upset!
It’s just an experience. You better have watched my reviews on YouTube earlier about his former 3-day students. They unfortunately could not get rid of the problem completely once and for all. Moreover, they have paid 6000$ for the stuttering treatment with the purpose to speak fluently but they still stutter.
Now I’ll tell you how it really happens. In fact, you are paying only for the Instruction, but not for the therapy to speak without stuttering itself (how to eliminate stuttering). So, truly this is NOT the Elimination itself.
– You are explained why stutter appears and you are shown how normal people make speech in a comfortable and natural way.
– Some work will be done on your mistakes, by stops and tips on how to do it right.
– Also you will be given exercises to develop and consolidate a convenient way of speaking. Of course, these exercises are given with the necessary instructions.
– A lot of time you will spend talking about quantity of scammers around: all the people are scammers; doctors are scammers – they wanted to cheat on you and treat nonexistent “disease” – stuttering…
Blah Blah blah. First day, second, third. You are already beginning to understand what way you can NOT STUTTER and what you need to do YOURSELF. In fact, you have learnt some stuttering schemes. Whether it works for you later is another question, which depends on many different factors.
They tell you: “Well, now you can see yourself that you’re not sick, you’re perfectly healthy, you had simply used your speech machine the wrong way before. Now you know everything about the stuttering programs and all the ways to speak perfectly (BUT THIS is NOT FOR SURE if we are talking about PRACTICAL knowledge, not the theoretical part). Bye-bye.” That’s all. The End (but not the fact of happy end).

The reasons to stammer and my successful experience to stop stuttering

You have emptied your pockets paying 6000$. Maybe, some techniques really work fine for the growns, but what to do if you have the opposite results, much different from your expectations? Well, now you can “accidentally” (with your old memory) start doing the speech stupors the same day. Of course, you can immediately correct them, independently and consciously, TRYING to keep the certain recommendations and instructions with regards to a convenient model of speech formation.
Most likely, you will need to work a lot more by yourself to develop and consolidate a new skill. Because any skill at the level of unconscious and confident habit cannot be fixed in 3 days as the “etalon” technique says. This process can take up to 3 months.
So, you gave a lot of money and now you have:

a) Motivation
b) Instruction
It would be really great if for that amount of money you, at least, have got a good “after-sales service”. However, when you try calling Snezhko for help, he begins to criticize you and says that you’re a moron and you just can’t follow the instructions. Of course, it doesn’t happen always, but unfortunately there have been cases with exactly such a dialogue and there are some real witnesses who can confirm this fact.
So the question is: are you ready to pay 6000$ just for the instruction and a basic 3-day course? Even if your speech CAN become worse or maybe better… Just imagine: 2 Snezhko’s former students have told me that their speech had been much better before they took an etalon course.
They were taught to pay more attention on controlling their speech apparatus. That kind of speech therapy for adults caused deterioration of their own speech at the any level they had had before. Perhaps, these methods work well with some students, but there must be an alternative way.

Get rid of stuttering with the techniques that work: you speak easily, unconsciously, enjoy communication and finally do not stutter

Despite all of the above, a 3-day “Etalon” program previously was the best Base for eliminating stuttering. It was…until my new 10-day BREAKTHROUGH program was developed. And it has a clear analysis of all the elements of the “Etalon” + my personal experience is added:
– analysis of all errors: especially the PRACTICAL analysis of those errors that could not appear in the first 3 days (due to the fact that you study in 4 walls with the teacher). I cannot say this is absolutely not the right approach, but sometimes 3-day period is not really enough;
– overcoming fear of speech (only one instruction cannot “remove” fears);
– speaking at a convenient speed: you practice these techniques to get rid of stuttering not only with the teacher alone, but also in different situations and with different people;
– finding solutions in situations where “it seems like you know everything, but it does not work.” Knowing the theory does not mean the successful using of this in practice to eliminate your stuttering completely;
– bringing your thoughts “in order” when you, like any normal person, do not think about any method or rules before you start speaking anything.
An advanced level happens and works its effective way only when you speak stably for a long time – it’s your normal speech without getting into the “forced” control of the speech apparatus. You are used to speak easily. Most of the times you do it unconsciously and you always enjoy the communication. At the same time you think only about the subject of speech like all non-stuttering people do.
There is no difference what number of the speech therapy articles you have read. It’s unreal to achieve ALL THIS IN only 3 days even with the loud promises of the “etalon” program. But there’s nothing to be upset about. That’s the way our memory works. That’s how the process of any skill consolidation works. You should not be afraid of mistakes; you should analyze them correctly and learn not to make them at all.