How is the problem of stuttering can be solved? Speech stupor

Psycho-Physical “Breakthrough” SPEECH GYMNASTICS

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Speech is a сonscious action that requires clear and continuous attention. It consists of a series of successive actions controlled by the Consciousness of the individual. Speech communication consists of three consecutive processes, one after another:

1.Input information in memory – receiving information through the hearing organ: ears

2.Processing information – remembering by hearing the heard

3. Output of information – copying aloud sounds stored in the memory



Speech stupor

Stupor is an impossible task and that is “stuttering” itself. This method of ” eliminating stuttering” is based on the world LAW OF THE ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUS SEQUENCE OF MATERIAL EVENTS, which was opened in 1998. The law says: any CONSCIOUS (meaning a separate Consciousness – the feeling “I am”) action in the material world can only be realized by the material body consistently, and never simultaneously with any other material event! According to this law, speech is a Conscious event. It consists of a series of material events of the body (movement of the lips, tongue and breath) controlled by the Consciousness of the individual. Speech communication is three successive processes, one after another: information input (reception through the senses: ears, eyes, etc.), information processing (sounds are transformed by the imagination into images and vice versa), information output (own speech aloud). A person consists of two opposing parts: Consciousness (imagination) and material body. It is the duality of a man that carries within him the seed of a stupor (an impossible task for man who is a material and simultaneous Conscious one). A stupor is an initially impossible task, connected with the impossibility of simultaneous material events in spite of the desire of Consciousness. For example, Consciousness may wish to sit on two chairs simultaneously, and the body is not capable of realizing this desire for Consciousness. Running around the pillar – to see your back before you will not work. There are many such problems :))) Let us consider in detail one of such problems, since it very clearly demonstrates “stuttering”. Let’s wish to simultaneously make movement of our own hand in two opposite directions! Please note that the intangible Consciousness is able to imagine (ie, to realize in the imagination) the given tasks at the level of thought-images instantly !!!! However, the hand (part of the body) when trying to accomplish this unrealizable task of Consciousness is simply numb and frozen in place. If you make an extra effort and persist, then the hand will probably be very tight and will tremble with tension, but it will not budge. Try it yourself right now, break away from reading. Otherwise, further understanding of the essence of the method will become difficult. Now watch your lips and tongue at the moment of stuttering. Do not they behave like a hand when trying to pronounce some sounds, words, or in some “responsible situation” when reading for speed? The answer is obvious – the symptoms converge for 100 percent. So we are dealing with the same phenomenon. I call this phenomenon STUPOR – INCORRECT TASK. Stuttering and stupor are twin brothers. They are the same. Speaking stupor – I mean stuttering, saying “stuttering” – it is necessary to understand that it is a question of stupor. Thus, I identify “stuttering” and stupor (an impossible task of simultaneity) on the basis of absolute experimental similarity of symptoms. Stupor unconsciously arising in human speech is notorious and previously not recognized, and therefore called “incurable” stuttering. Stupor – speaking simply is two speech processes which were started simultaneously and unconsciously. Person’s inability to “bypass” a stupor, consciously adjust the sequence of speech, leads a person to a static overstrain (muscle spasm) and an inappropriate repetition (a repeated unsuccessful attempt to say “simultaneously”). The stupor is the root cause and the essence of stuttering, only deliberately eliminating stupor (simultaneity) consistency, you can get the normal speech (automatically and without the slightest effort)!! Based on the above evidence, I cancel the term “stuttering”, as it does not reflect the essence of what is happening and only misleads people. Instead of stuttering, I enter all the explanatory term STUPOR, now uttering the outdated term “stuttering” I beg to understand that it is about the SPEECH STUPOR (an impossible task of simultaneity, unconsciously “paralyzing” speech). Stupor is a universal “disease” that takes place due to the paradox of the division of a person into two parts: Consciousness (capable of simultaneity) of a body (not capable of simultaneity).

All of the above proves that “stutter-stupor” cannot be cured by anything except for the restoration of the Conscious sequence of speech processes!!! Only the stutterer can do it Consciously!!! Consciously speaking consistently – means forever stop stuttering and instantly get rid of the stupor. Stupor (inconsistency) can be “healed” only by consistency, this is similar to how darkness can be “cured” only by light!!! This is a very correct analogy, because it is useless to fight darkness with any other “medicine” different from light! It is enough to make a sequence (on the basis of Conscious choice) into speech and an impossible task of simultaneity becomes easily feasible. At the same time it becomes stretched in time – but this stretching in time cannot be avoided, since the matter can only exist in the presence of time, which cannot be said about Consciousness!!! Simultaneous presence of two natures in one person: matter – consecutive and Consciousness – simultaneous, that what creates a “precedent of stupor”. A person stumbles not only in speech – this is a global pathological process based on the conflict Consciousness-matter! But in this section, we will only consider that part of the “stupor” problem that concerns human speech. I’ll teach you how to solve this conflict in your speech (consciously) and thus permanently get rid yourself of the verbal stupor (stuttering) and your loved ones!!!

P.S. Further in the text reading “stuttering” and remember that we are talking about a STUPOR.

The method of self-relief from speech stupor (stuttering) Treatment of stuttering (stupor) is simple enough.

All that is needed for normal speech is a complete lack of treatment. What kind of nonsense you say? However, after reading my conclusions on this topic, you will understand all the absurdity and perversity of the “scientific” notions about the treatment of stuttering. When I discovered that the essence of stuttering is a stupor (an impossible task of simultaneity), which simply cannot be cured by definition. I decided to look for information on how educated doctors and healers can officially announce the possibility of curing an “impossible task”. I was not very surprised by the fact that all the methods and methods of treating stuttering on the Internet and books were misconceptions at best. At worst – a simple and insolent deception with the aim of making money on human misfortune. Treatment of the “impossible task of simultaneity” can only be “consistency.” This is quite logical and scientific thought. Stupor is simultaneity and this is a fact proven by me. However, if you carefully examine the meaning of the context that I attach to the expression “treatment of the impossible task of simultaneity,” you will understand that the very word “treatment” here is completely inappropriate! The task cannot be cured – it can not be simply performed. IGNORE it without effort, just do not pay attention, but do not “treat” – fight, make efforts, try to add something missing for complete harmony (medicine or “crutch”)!!! The speech of man is perfect and indispensable by nature. And it should not be raped, that’s all. This is the main reason for the “incurability” of stuttering. Any attempt to correct a “stupor” – only makes it stronger. Stupor will disappear itself as a mirage, or rather simply will not be possible, if you just do not try to perform the impossible. Thus, in order to “cure” a stupor, one must literally DO NOTHING! Do not try to perform the impossible beforehand and there is an absolute guarantee of a complete and stable absence of a stupor, and in particular of a “speech stupor” (stuttering). Remember the example with a hand. What you need to do to raise it and lower it SIMULTANEOUSLY? How to perform any simultaneity task SIMULTANEOUSLY? Yes, in no way. Any attempt and EVEN THOUGHT of the possibility of execution will lead to a stupor INSTANTLY! Only sequential actions, stretched in time, can take place in material nature. A person’s speech is just such an action. No simultaneity in it is inappropriate.

Where is the principle of “absolute sequence of speech” violated? Where can the “stupor” hide? Where there is a potential opportunity of an UNCONSCIOUS attempt to accomplish an “impossible task of simultaneity”? To do this, at least two incompatible processes must be present! Well, let’s analyze the speech of a person and determine what processes it consists of. The first thing that is necessary for speech is the availability of the ability to pronounce sounds. The basic process of uttering sounds is SOUND PROCESSING. This opportunity have almost all stutterers without exceptions! If you think that this is not true, then simply say separately all the sounds (alphabetically), beginning with A and ending with Z. The ability to pronounce clearly all the sounds I call “FULL SOUND MATRIX”. The ability to pronounce most of the sounds necessary for speech production is “INCOMPLETE SOUND MATRIX”. In any of these cases, the “stupor” won’t be found. Absolutely all sounds are pronounced ALMOST without effort by any stutterer, NATURALLY AND EASILY. “Stupor” absolutely excluded in the utterance of a single sound. The task of simultaneity requires at least two sounds (more correctly, the process, attempts to pronounce them). For example, two sounds A and B (SOUND NOT TO TRAP WITH LETTERS!) Cannot be pronounced simultaneously. This is not possible by default. That is, when pronouncing syllables of 2 or more sounds, we can already observe the potential possibility of a “stupor”. Try to pronounce the two sounds at the same time – be sure what will happen to your lips and mouth. Symptoms of “intense dumbness, repetition, nervous paralysis of the speech muscles, delaying the first sound or its long unconscious continuous repetition” are typical symptoms so well known to every stutterer. Try to pronounce consistently the same sounds. It turns out AB – syllable. Pronounced easily and consistently. Where there is a sequence, simultaneity is simply excluded. Thus, with an absolute consecutive utterance of sounds, a stupor is automatically excluded. When you try to say at least two sounds at the same time – the sequence disappears instantly and a stupor arises. SEQUENCE AND INCOHERENCE are two processes incapable of existing in one space simultaneously, like light and darkness.

The second process in speech formation is “thinking”. We cannot speak unless we know what to talk about. I think that this fact is absolutely obvious to everyone, and also that we are talking with sounds, not with letters (the symbolic expression of sounds used for writing). So, to speak in our minds there is an “audial analog” and a “visual analog” of the external sound. The mental sound is the “auditory analogue”, it is the memory of how the sound sounds aloud. For example, say A aloud. Listen to how loud A sounds, remember this sound. Now close your mouth and remember the sound of A – this is a mental sound and there is an “audio analogue” or sound idea. Now write on a piece of paper A. Look carefully at your drawing and remember it. Now close your eyes and remember how does A look like. In your memory, this image is a “visual analogue” of A.

Thus, the sound has two analogues in the brain “visual” and “auditory” and, therefore, there is a potential possibility of trying to play them simultaneously, the possibility of stupor. I call such stupor a “brain” stupor. It is the presence of a “brain” stupor that makes the “speech stupor” so diverse, unpredictable and changeable! Brain stupor – this is the basis of all the fears and stresses associated with stuttering. Soil for hundreds of awesome myths about stuttering. Many will argue that they can simultaneously see the symbol A and mentally hear it or pronounce the sound of A out loud. And I will partially agree with this, but try to do it Consciously and you will feel the difference! See for yourself, after trying consciously to do this, and then understand what I’m getting at. Say A out loud with your eyes closed, listen to how it sounds, and at the same time brightly imagine the symbol A in front of you, let’s say it’s red. Note that when you listen to the mental sound, you cannot see clearly A. The symbol disappears from your “mental vision”. Conversely, when you clearly visualize A, you stop hearing the mental sound of A. And moreover, if you try to imagine A and say A out loud (to make the sound with your muscles – the kinesthetic system, the sound sense) and listen to the ears for the sound, then feel for yourself, like your speech, suddenly begins to weaken and breaks off at the moment when you brightly Consciously visualize A!!! The muscles of the body (speech) are turned off!!! This is a stupor! So you can either see the symbol of the sound, either hear the sound or say it, but you cannot do it consciously at the same time!! Simultaneousness instantly gives rise to a stupor. This is only a partial manifestation of the law of the absolute sequence of material events. Any attempt at the same time “to make a sound out loud” (muscles), “to see the symbol of sound mentally” (eyes) or “hear the sound” (ears) is consciously impossible. However, speech is easily performed sequentially and Consciously. We are capable of only one conscious action in the present moment and no more. Unconsciously, we are capable of many actions simultaneously. An attempt to carry out more than one Conscious action simultaneously always introduces into an instant and complete stupor.

However, the fact that speech is a conscious act that occurs exclusively in the present moment at the level of thought and muscles (the body) makes us wonder how it is possible at the same time. But if we watch carefully, we will see that there is no Consciousness at the same time!!! Only a series of consecutive unconscious events. The first is the reception of information from an external source (via one of the five sense organs), the second is the processing of information by the brain (through one of the five types of memory) and the third is the output of information in the form of speech (VIA MULTIPLE MUSCLE BODY IMMEDIATELY !!!). Of course, with a properly functioning sound matrix (the body is capable of correct unconscious utterance of most speech sounds). The first two processes require the presence of Consciousness sometimes, the third is fully automated from childhood, and absolutely does not require the presence of Consciousness. Consequently, a stupor arises only when you try to think and accept information at the same time, and the muscles of the body do not affect the “stupor” any way!!!! Spasm of the muscles of the throat (lips, chin, etc. with the generalized stupor) is only a remote consequence of the simultaneity in the brain when it receives information from outside and takes it out through the body. The body is like an amplifier, working completely regardless of who is talking to it (in this case the speaker is “audible” brain signals). Therefore, if we take into account that the sound matrix is completely automated and unconscious process, it becomes clear that the essence of verbal stupor reduces only to inconsistencies in the brain of “sound analogues” of visual images of memory or in general the complete absence of such. What “sound analogues” are we talking about? It’s very simple. You see a cat, in your head you have a sequence of “c-a-t” sounds. Close your eyes and remember the cat, the visual analogue (image) of the cat “surfaced”, followed by the “sound analog” – C-A-T, while the visual image of the cat went out. In the brain Consciously you are able to see, hear, feel, smell and touch, too, only consistently. Complete analogy with external senses! I showed you this above on the sound of A. We speak only sounds, but we mainly think in terms of images and sounds. It’s very important to realize this inconsistency (incongruence of receiving and outputting information in the human brain). And that’s why.

Speech muscles are adapted only to “auditory images of the brain,” which arise sequentially with their visual counterparts. But most people, and especially the stutterer, have a catastrophic shortage of “auditory analogues” (the vocabulary is very small). But the main thing is that the stutterer always has a panic fear of some “audial” or “visual” irritants (sounds, of the words beginning with them, I’m silent or “terrible” situations with “terrible” people). Fear unconsciously generates confusion and inconsistency of the sound analogues in the stutterer’s brain, because of the eternal inappropriate attempt to replace them or avoid at the most inopportune moment for this – the moment of speech itself! I have already shown above that we cannot think and speak at the same time (who did not understand re-read again and try everything that is written there, who did not comply with the proposed one, but simply blindly took my word for granted, that, of course, did not understand anything). So, having started to talk, the stutterer starts to panic at the same time (before the “complex sound” or “in a difficult situation”) – a stupor occurs instantly!!! We can either think or speak. “To think” means to mentally search in memory for audiovisual images that adequately fit into visual images. To speak is to consistently and unconditionally reproduce to the muscles of the body “audible signals” from the brain.

For example: We recall the image of a cat, then we hear a set of sounds of c-a-t, on the speech muscles we consciously send signals strictly in sequence to C-A-T. Muscles unconsciously create vibration (sound). We hear it with our ears. That’s how people “make a speech” in the overwhelming norm, how they have been taught since childhood. This is a normal speech sequence “I hear- I say.” Stutterers have a completely different habit of “making speech”!!!

A stutterer, for example, has a fear of C sound (thanks to parents, teachers, doctors, or unconscious coincidence). Then the normal speech sequence “thought-sound” is broken in parallel by activating inappropriate thoughts (about the sound C) arising simultaneously with the normal speech sequence . These thoughts are wedged in and superimposed on a normal speech pattern. “I HEAR CONSCIOUSLY (sound analogues of the brain) – I SAY CONSCIOUSLY chosen sound analog, unconsciously reproduced by the speech muscles,” leading to imminent stupor. It turns out that the stutterer at the same time hears a sound analogue of the c-a-t and hears this: “I’m a stutterer, I cannot say the letter C, the letter C will necessarily be strained, my throat …” and so on. The SCHEME of STUPOR is one and the same as described above in all cases of stuttering, only inappropriate stray thoughts are changing, which are the main cause of stupor. And since they can always arise and in completely different situations necessarily depend on the situation, then the “types of stuttering” are as infinite as the set of “inappropriate” thoughts. These “parasitic thoughts” (inappropriate) are the essence of the stupor. Thoughts cannot be cured, they are a product of the human imagination!!! Imagination is the product of human Consciousness (who carefully have read realizes that, who does not – read the first chapters of the book again). Consciousness is the I who controls everything in person, this is his Will, capable of ignoring everything, including any thoughts!!! This ability to ignore and is the only “cure” for fear of stupor. When you ignore parasitic thoughts it’s not a fight with a stupor. This is very important to understand. To ignore does not mean to struggle or make any effort at all. Ignoring means simply not doing any irrational actions that normal people do not do. With the help of specialized classes we learn to ignore verbal stupor in speech, which helps in the guaranteed elimination of stuttering and getting used to absolutely normal, easy and carefree speech.