You stutter but you’re not sick


What gives the guarantees not to stutter?

You speak excellent being alone with yourself. This means that you can speak the same way in any situation.

There are laws everywhere and everyone must obey them. So, speech is not an exception – it has its own rules and laws that all normal people unconsciously do. You just need to understand some simple truths and begin to make your speech by natural laws.

If you want to have normal and fluent speech, so observe the norms of speech etiquette. You always make a stutter yourself, no one forces you to do it. You will speak easily if you become accustomed to doing this consciously and knowing the sense of what you’re saying. So, listen carefully, write down and memorize.

● Accents should be put in words on ringtones (on vowels). In this case, a greater emphasis is placed on the general vowels (on stressed sounds). What is the reason to use this method? Try it and you’ll understand everything yourself! Try to emphasize the consonants and then you will stop stuttering in such a hard way.

● If it seems that it will be difficult to say a word, we divide it into its elements, which we do in a moment. You cannot try to make 2 or more sounds at a time. All movements must be done only in its sequence.

For example, you are used to make a distillation in the form of EEEE in front of a complex sound or word. We perfectly understand why you keep doing this and still stutter: you are not sure you can say the word and you don’t know exactly what to do. But now we’ve told you the truth and showed the way.

How can starting to stutter become the past habit?

Many people with exactly the same problem as you began to speak without stuttering: someone speaks more and faster, someone speaks less and slower. Everything depends individually on a person. Everyone has a chance and you will also forget about starting to stutter.

Instead of making an EEE in a stressful situation – think carefully about how to make the first sound. It is not the sound, but the syllable! You need to understand the importance of consistent pronunciation of letters, because as soon as you do it, you realize the way you speak and that’s how the big changes start.

The problem of stutter is the problem of verbal stupors, which arise when people try to do 2 things at the same moment. But it is impossible, for example, to raise your hands up and down (as the student tries to do) or sit at 2 chairs at the same time. Consciousness can do that, but the body can’t.

These are natural things which most of the stutterers forget about. Therefore, when a person sings or screams, he does not stutter in most cases. It happens because of the unconscious making an accent on vowel sounds. There are only 5 of them forming any word.

The problem of stutter is that the stutterer sometimes puts an accent on the first consonant. By doing this, you can stop your speech with the help of this abnormal action. For example, “Ggggood mmmorning”. Are you familiar with that? Do you do that all the time yourself?

We also teach that reading and speaking are 2 completely different processes and skills by showing the picture.

● When reading, we read only letters.

● When speaking, we sequentially pronounce syllables. You don’t think of how the letter is written because you need to remember how the sound is done. To do this, you need to learn the Sorington table (the student is given this table).

So that, there are examples of all sounds, which will help you to realise every word during the course and say it properly later on. Any word can be made with the base on this table. There are different variants of words that you probably have never thought about before. We will explain to you every single one, demonstrate and practice it all together.

Stuttering exercises lead to free speaking

Actually, there are several kinds of accents in our speech. Normally people who don’t stutter – don’t pay attention to them and just make these accents unconsciously. But the situation is completely different with stutterers. If you do not make confidently correct accents, there will be no convenient and free speech then. Stuttering exercises provide your free and natural speech.

In most cases in the past you could not make right accents, because you were simply afraid of this. You thought you would stutter again and you did not know how to deal with it. Now, thanks to our training, you can practice all the techniques and learn how to treat your stuttering effectively. They will allow you not to be afraid of general accents only, but also to put them easily and confidently.

While learning to speak in an absolutely new non-stuttering way, we are checking that the words should be created correctly and without any pressure on the speech apparatus. In this case the main criteria of the effectiveness is the student’s feeling about speaking under his own personal control of stuttering. Let this process come a bit slower than your expectations. Let it be somewhere in syllables at the beginning. If you create one syllable, do not go back to the previous one, even under the pain of death. We must grow out a habit of this useless work. To do this, you need to listen well and carefully to the sounds that you perform with your mouth.

If you want to speak normally – everything is in your hands. If something is not clear – ask! We’ll tell you exactly what to do.