What speed of speech does “help” at the stages of eliminating stuttering?

stuttering and speech speed

Stuttering and speaking speed

I am going to tell you my personal opinion about stuttering and speech speed. Actually there is a view among most stutterers that the best speech speed is fast.

Speech speed is not a quality rate.Of course, if you being an adult start speaking with single syllables or very slowly,people will look at you unambiguous glance. There is still a certain rate for communication of information which is considered normal. Such rate when you feel yourself absolutely normal and your speech speed does not bother your interlocutor.

In some speech training centres stutterers are taught to speak slowly for several months. In my opinion it’s better to stutter than to speak so slow. Because in the first case you will be deemed as stutterer and in the other – mentally disabled. That’s why first situation is much more preferable, if there is such a tough choice between two ways of pronouncing words/phrases/sentences.

But there is one more way of speech – normal. Which in turn is impossible without adequate thinking (everywhere and always). Therefore, precisely above this speech one must work with a stammering person. Specifically this speech is just not enough, in one way or another. Someone has the problem of logoneurosis to a greater extent, someone has less. But slow speech is also a problem which has not gone far by the severity from the problem of speech stupors.

This does not mean that stutterer shouldn’t use slower speech on purpose in an edicative programm at all. On the contrary, if that’s how for one it’s easier to fix some step on the way to normal speech, then why not. But it’s necessary to look at the slowing down on a certain angle. You should understand that this speed is not an end itself and not even a halfway to the goal. If you look from the outside, then at the first stages of learning, the speech of a stutterer can really seem slow and unnatural. The main thing is that the person himself at this speed does not do any IA (irrational actions) and get used to it. But this time should not be delayed for more than a few days, otherwise it will become an addiction. And in the normal way of overcoming thevstutter, we should not use any unnormal and inconvenient techniques. Otherwise, we will simply use so-called crutches, which can only cover up your problem from outsiders and does not solve it.

Even at the first stages of educating, it’s always needed to have a willing to communicate information:

* At a comfort speed for yourself

* Not being distracted on third-party thoughts and thinking only about the topic of speech

* Not feeling any tension in the speech organs

* Do not be distracted by the stammers in the speech.

So, if you stutter and you attend any «subject matter» centre where you are recommended to talk slowly for a long time, just think for a moment whether you really need it. After all, in many cases, there is nothing more permanent than temporary. And that is not the fact that specifically your case will be an exception to this rule.